Turquoise dress: what to wear?

For several seasons the turquoise color in clothes is one of the most pressing. Turquoise – color gemstone, color of the Indian ocean, the color of sweet candy, color, gentleness, lightness, and dreams… that colour promotes calm and absolute harmony, and the dress of this amazing hue can inspire and force its owner to fly and delight those around her easily.

Also, rumor has it that the dress is turquoise and has a certain magic power. The turquoise stone, as such, has long been considered a talisman against the evil eye and good luck charm. So, in ultra stylish colors of the dress, «complete» and more positive energy is added. What is not a reason to get a fashionable thing?!

Sophisticated, romantic and know a lot of fashion girls is dedicated to following our article.

How to pick the perfect turquoise dress?

Turquoise dress: what to wear?

Turquoise dress: what to wear?

Unconditional huge plus vaunted us dresses turquoise color is the fact that it is suitable for all ladies. Brunette or blonde, dark-skinned girl or the owner of the aristocratic fair skin – turquoise dress is the place to be in your closet.

With the «style» of the dress will have to suffer. For special social events will fit the dress to the floor, and for a romantic walk with your beloved along the waterfront would be appropriate flowy sundress turquoise.

Select clothes turquoise dress

Turquoise dress: what to wear?

To the question: «what to wear with turquoise dress?» the answer will be somewhat larger than the previous one. The main and most important rule for a happy owner of a gentle little said: «the turquoise color of the dress should be the only bright color in the kit». Point.

Wearing a dress in this color, do focus only on it. Perfect thing, or accessories gold, silver, white, beige, black colors. A small accessory in the same shade as the dress will be appropriate.

With the color of handbags and shoes. It all depends on where exactly you are going to «walk» their super stylish dress.

If you evening gown and shoes try to pick the same color. It will look perfect in this ensemble of small gold clutch bag.

Turquoise dress: what to wear?

In a more casual setting, well, «make friends» with your turquoise toilet white. Try short white dress sandals and the same color handbag and you will enchant everyone.

Turquoise dress: what to wear?

To impress a confident woman, try to choose a turquoise dress, black shoes and handbag. This combination of colors will give you a certain solidity and you will easily be able to accompany in this lookе her partner on a business meeting.

Turquoise chiffon dress is a great option for the evening, suggests fun and romance. It will be good to sandals or even ballet flats beige.

Turquoise dress: what to wear?

Makeup for turquoise dress

Again referring to our «rule # 1», remember that the effect of such a bright and self-sufficient dresses should not be «lubricated» with other bright «spots». This also applies to makeup. If you are an ardent fan of arrows, make them as thin as possible and apply close to the lashes. Shadow, choose neutral shades and mascara, you can try brown. Will look good gentle, natural shades of blush and lipstick. Gloss or lipstick could be pale pink or peach color.

Accessories for turquoise dress

Turquoise dress: what to wear?

Turquoise dress: what to wear?

The choice of jewelry to your turquoise dress is directly proportional depends on what colors you used in your kit. Again, gold, silver color with minor fragments of turquoise color will look advantageous.

To the set of turquoise and black things, will fit earrings, bracelet combine these two colors.

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