Turkish wedding dresses

Today Turkish wedding outfits are closely linked to the European tradition of couture than from the East. The reasons are many — the state policy is focused on Europe, and therefore this could not affect the fashion and traditions. In addition, the Turkish textiles are much cheaper than Italian or French, which is the standard for wedding fashion, and therefore is in demand. At the same time elegant Turkish outfit looks worse, what are designers all over the world, occupying a niche of wedding dresses.

Dresses Turkish manufacturers

Today, custom made wedding dresses met all of the Muslim tradition. However, enjoy the traditional wedding dresses is not much. Women prefer a more European style but don’t refuse to use elements of the Turkish culture in their dresses.

Wedding dress in the Turkish style:

embroidered national pattern;

long sleeves and closed shoulders;

long skirts are more straight cut;

lots of shiny elements — stones, gold threads.

Today, Turkish wedding rarely meet these requirements, one exception — the Turkish embroidery are often decorated with this outfit.

Turkish long dress for wedding is produced by some manufacturers:

1) Aysira. This manufacturer focused on European fashion. The new collection is a lot of models with lace, elegant collection of white wedding dresses Princess, the little mermaid, the model with an open back and very long train.

2) Alisse Nuera. Collection of beautiful white dresses and cream. There is enough tiered skirts with gorgeous shiny edging.

3) BuGelinlik. A beautiful collection of wedding dresses presented by the models approximate to the classics with a long veil, very soft pastel colors of the dresses make them unforgettable.

Also a very interesting short wedding dresses BuGelinlik:

4) Dovita Bridal. The manufacturer of this collection pays special attention to the shoulder and a lush chiffon skirt.

5) : Guler Cer — beautiful and feminine wedding dresses in the European style. Then you can see them in the photo gallery.

Popular are wedding dresses from Cagla,: Guler Cer, Mediha Cambaz, etc. manufacturers.

Further photos you can see wedding dresses from Turkish manufacturers such as Alisse Nuera, Aysira, BuGelinlik, Dovita Bridal,: Guler Cer.

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