Turkish tracksuits – 2017

Turkish tracksuits – 2017

In addition to training, a tracksuit can be worn for other events, such as a trip out of town or to the country, hop or walk. As in a sports suit usually spend a lot of time, it must be of high quality.


Popular Turkish sport suits, because they have many advantages. First of all, this successful combination of beauty, quality and price. Turkish manufacturers use when sewing only proven materials, so the Turkish tracksuit will serve you for a long time.

Most often they are made of synthetic materials combined with natural cotton. This feature will let your track suit is not deformed and not change, but also to be stain resistant and comfortable to wear, even on bare skin.

Popular models

Among the variety of Turkish sports clothing, you can highlight the most popular models of sports costumes which are most in demand. They are made from different materials and in different colors, but the essence does not change.

•Classic. This tracksuit is a sporty pants and jacket with zippers. The traditional model of jacket is made without a hood. Usually she had a high collar which folds in fold-over. The pants in this costume usually have a straight fit, and the jacket can be fitted and straight.

•For fitness. This model fits girls with almost perfect figure, because its lower part is very tight figure. Most often, this costume consists of hoodies and tight trousers. Hoodie this costume can be both tight and loose, both short and long.

•Velour. This model sports suit, perfectly suited for everyday wear. Since then, he became a very popular style of sport-chic, the girls in those costumes are not only walking, but also to come to them for ceremonial events. And this is not surprising, because this costume looks glamorous and expensive, and hides figure flaws. It can also be easily combined with other clothes in your wardrobe.

•Plush. These Turkish costumes in our market appeared a few years ago and enjoyed great popularity until now. They represent insulated pants, loose top and narrowed towards the cuffs, and a jacket with a slouchy hood. Most common colors of these costumes is green and gray.

•For active training. These sporty suits designed for aerobic exercises, running or strength training. This costume consists of tight breeches or pants that do not hinder movements and tight top which can be zippered. These suits you will not bother to move, easy to wash, they dry quickly.

•The top three. It may be a good solution for those who want to dress in the same style. They can consist of pants, jacket, top or t-shirt or pants, vest and jacket. These suits are perfect for those who are involved in sports in the fresh air, because, depending on the weather you will be able to change its elements.

•Ski. Insulated and lightweight suits designed for winter sports such as skiing or running. They are able to protect from the cold during active movement.


Tracksuits made popular Turkish brands like Danzel, Dress Code, Black Rich, PaKKoo, Billcee, WFC and many others. They are designed for spending time outdoors and active sports. Some models can be used as home wear.

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