Trendy sweatshirts with collar – 2017

Trendy sweatshirts with collar – 2017

In the classical sense is called a sweater knitted product button. Now, however, the jacket is often referred to even hoodies, sweaters and even blouses. Today we are going to consider jackets in their broadest meaning.

Especially popular among the fashionistas shirt with a collar. This model of jacket is the perfect accompaniment to any bottom: skirts, pants and jeans. These sweaters are also practical and comfortable. Modern fashion designers offer a huge number of models of jackets, so you can choose the one that will be of your liking.

Popular models

Today, there are many models of shirts with collars. Today we look at the most popular ones.

•Yoke. This trendy model of collar will be indispensable for you in cold weather. The collar clamp can protect you from the cold, and wind, and if necessary, it can replace your scarf. This model will look great on women with wide hips who want a little bit to smooth out the proportions of your body.

•Collar-swing. This model of collar is most often used for light summer models chiffon blouses and silk. This collar will accentuate your Breasts and also visually elongate your torso and make you visually slimmer.

•Wide gate. This gate is a bit like a clamp, which is not located in the neck, and evenly expanded at the shoulders, as if embracing them.

•A high collar. This collar is more common on the sport models of jackets, such as hoodies & sweatshirts. It fits perfectly in sports images and allows the use of such jackets even for sports activities on the air.

•Fold-over collar. This model of collar consists of a rack and departure, he has two modifications: a Polo collar and shirt collar.

•Stand. This collar looks directly with the product as a whole. It can be made in the Chinese style, and with curved corners, tubular or like a funnel.

In Gelsenkirchen. In this model, the collar combines stand-up collar or turndown collar.

•Fur. For a cold time of year is perfect fur collar. Such a jacket can even replace a coat or jacket. In addition, fur products always look elegant and noble.

•Lace. Lace looks elegant and festive, so these models of trousers are best suited for special occasions.

•Without collar. A special place among the fashionable models of jackets is collarless jackets, which are perfectly combined with other accessories such as snudy, scarves, stoles, shawls and all kinds of ornaments.

Popular colors

Jackets can be of different colors. All will depend on your personal preference.

In fashion as always sweaters classic colors such as gray, black and beige. They are neutral, so they can be combined with any bottom. They can be worn for a casual event and even to the office.

Also very popular sweaters in pastel shades. Especially popular among fashionistas mint, powder pink, peach, blue and cream color. Jackets these delicate flowers will add to your image of romance and will make your look airy and light.

Another favorite of the season can be called white. However, it should be careful, because it can fully.

Jackets in bright colors will add to your positive energy. They are perfect for meeting friends or for a walk.

A separate place is occupied by sweatshirts, which used a combination of two or more colors. This technique will allow you to create optical illusions and correct shape.

With what mix?

Jacket with collar is a unique thing which will suit any look. It can be worn to work, out for a walk or a movie or a picnic. Her perfect pants, pants and jeans.

•To create an image in an urban style that requires a freedom and informality, suit jacket with an oversized collar that can be combined with skinny jeans. This suited comfortable shoes, such as lightweight shoes or sneakers, and in the cold season – ankle boots.

•To create an image in the style business managers often require adherence to a specific dress code. Of course, it is very tiring, so I’d like to make a small accent. This emphasis can be a jacket with collar, shirt-style or fold-over collar. It is the perfect accompaniment to tailored pants or a pencil skirt.

•To create an image in a romantic style, you may go for a jacket with a lace collar. She as if specially designed for romance and will perfectly matched with long skirts made of chiffon or silk.

Spectacular images

Jackets with collars are simply created in order to create the most eye-catching fashion images. They will be combined perfectly with any bottom, they can be worn in winter and summer with different shoes and accessories.

In order to create a great way to meet friends or for Dating, you should make a bright accent in the form of sweatshirts with a collar, which can be supplemented modest skirt to balance the look. As for shoes, you’ll like the high-heeled shoes and complete your look can jewelry and a small clutch.

An excellent option for a trip to the beach may be the blouse that will create a relaxed look with short Jean shorts.

In a sweater with a high collar you will be comfortable to exercise in cool weather. It will protect you from the wind and will look very stylish. It can combine with jeans and athletic pants.

Cozy sweater for casual style with a slouchy cowl neckline that you want to wrap. It is the perfect accompaniment to a coat with a plunging neckline and jeans and even substitute for a scarf.

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