Trendy combination of black and white

The combination of black and white – a simple classic that always looks fashionable no matter what year, and what is the weather outside the window. The combination of black and white beyond the control of the flow of life and time. The right accessories and shoes do you black-and-white simple, but at the same time stylish.

The relevance of the combination

The combination is appropriate wherever you are going and versatile for any situation, be it a wedding, birthday or going to work. The main thing – to choose the style depending on the event, not to look ridiculous. And you will or romantic and tender or strict and serious, or sexy and passionate. This combination is important as elderly people and young fashionistas. You can easily hide figure flaws, thanks to the black color and dignity just as easy again – because your outfit will include a white color.

And do not have to wear a monotone white top and black bottom, although this combination is always amazing. Individually each of these things can already combine these two elegant colors, patterns and prints, stripes and cells.

Trendy combination of black and white

Black-and-white checkerboard is one of the hits of the season

Black-and-white checkerboard is not only classics and current hits. Dresses, coats, blouses, pants, skirts, however, as a variety of accessories decorated with this elegant combination. Different in size from millimeter up to incredible sizes — black-and-white check is shown in accessories, briefcases and small handbags, belts and shoes.

Everyone will find something for themselves — who in the main clothes, who additional detail in the form of accessories. Everyone will be able to create their image depending on the location and season.

Trendy combination of black and white

The relevance of black-and-white combination in clothes

It is no exaggeration to say that the combination of black and white much and stroma, and small; and lean and full.

Don’t be afraid to look gray, if you are going on the triumph – play with the style, print and decor. For a party feel free to choose t-shirts with words, letters, and images, and you will look stylish and fashionable.

For office option, buy things with neat drawings of regular geometric forms (stripes, small cells, peas). And don’t forget about accessories. They you complement and finish your business woman.

And for special holidays and meetings appropriate dress is made of chiffon with black and white colors or interesting patterns. Put on top of a short light jacket, and the ladies will put the last point.

When selecting the style you emphasize your intended image. You can wear black and white color in absolutely anywhere and in any season – from kindergarten to weddings, from January to December. A little imagination — and you will Shine and dazzle others with your appearance.

Trendy combination of black and white

Trendy combination of black and white

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