Trends in women’s shoes

Spring and summer women’s fashion shoes, will be presented this year in a variety of styles and shapes. Famous designers in their new collections have focused on models with asymmetrical broken lines and forms of medium-or small heel. This combination gives the Shoe elegance and comfort.

An original combination of pop art and vintage large romantic, with heels a La Louis shoes, dark cream, vintage blue and antique pink, with a touch of ultra-fashionable colours – acid green and Canary-lemon, pink and bright blue. Unusually decorated with rounded shapes, the heels will become very fashionable. Austere elegance and ease of wear – a direction of footwear fashion.

Shades of brown will be the basis of this trend. In addition, ashy color, rose beige and of dry bamboo will be favorites. Clogs, loafers and sandals will be running models of the season. Glamorous and sexy women’s shoes dark blue, pale red, emerald green and steel colours will also be popular.

Women’s shoes this season is the footwear from a skin of reptiles, as well as a variety of materials with metallic Golden coating and reflective effect.

Below in the photo gallery shown the trend of women’s shoes.

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