Transparent clutch bag

Today come back into fashion synthetic materials such as transparent plastic (soft plastic). Maybe women really like futuristic motifs or things of similar materials, just close to the sports theme. No matter what the reason, but the transparent bags and clutches are confidently entering our life.

Clutch bags in the fashion world is not the last place. This is a great accessory to complement any look. «Fashion» will tell about a new street trend transparent clutch. Stylish novelty rather original and had steel favorite thing for many women. If you want to splurge for a new phone or a new blush? You don’t even have to get them out of the clutch.

In addition, this purse called to order. You see, the chaos in this accessory will play against you. Transparent clutch bag is an accessory that is ideal for all backgammon next to absolutely any color palette.

Average clutches are used to put inside another clutch of smaller size. Such a move will be quite simple, unusual and tasteful. Transparent clutch bag in the wardrobe will be a great «magic wand», it will fit to any outfit and not have to worry about which handbag to choose.

Stylish knick – envelope clutch do not have to buy, it is quite possible to make your own from thick transparent plastic. It is necessary to have a ruler, scissors and several mountings, which are fixed corners and bends. So for lovers of «hand made» it will not be difficult.

For fans of the finished product of the fashion industry introduced a variety of stylish things made of transparent synthetic materials. Especially popular among the fashionistas have a chic geometric clutch bag rectangular or box shape from Charlotte Olympia. First, these clutches intended for evening wear, rapidly became the accessories of street fashion. Fill these bags can be anything. Another fashion brand Christopher Kane has released a collection of accessories, filled with a coloured gel in divorce. Things like that instantly captured the hearts of all fashionistas. Such clutches go perfectly with delicate lace, dresses, sweaters and parks.

In addition to transparent clutches are not less popular, and the normal bag where you can fit in more women’s stuff. Furla Candy at the time, made a breakthrough in the world of street fashion a few seasons ago. Furla Candy almost immediately became a favorite accessory in the world – quite pleasing to the eye, bright, juicy, very similar to fruit candy.

Today, almost all the fashion brands produce fashionable handbags from plastic or oilcloth. Among them Chanel, Prada, as well as many ordinary brands, each of which represents the stylish accessories of different qualities and prices.

Transparent clutch bag is a great way to experiment. They are perfect for those girls who can easily demonstrate the contents of the purse. However, not all ladies are ready for it, so for them there is a simple solution – color cover that can be put in a transparent accessory and will hide all of its contents.

Choosing a transparent clutch, it is worth considering a few points. First, the handbag should be in order. Secondly, it is desirable that the contents of the clutch bag was chosen to match the outfit.

How to make a transparent clutch

Transparent clutch bag presented in many fashion collections from brands such as Valentino, Fendi, Prada and Chloe. However, for fans to create things with their hands, «Fashionable» will tell how to create this stylish accessory.

First we need to prepare these materials: transparent plastic, 5 rivets, markers, scissors, tape, hole punch, tape measure, sheet of white paper or cardboard.

Now let’s consider the actions step by step.

1. On paper you have to draw the pattern.

2. Drawn template to cut and glue to a sheet of transparent material with tape.

3. Remember, the contour of the template must be cut neatly.

4. The paper pattern needs to be separated from the workpiece.

5. The workpiece must be folded in an envelope.

6. You need to decide where will be placed the studs and mark on the template these places colored circles. The holes for the rivets can be done with a hole punch.

7. Into the holes to insert rivets.

8. Before you make holes at the bottom should make the upper part of the bag and mark with red marker where you want it.

9. After all holes are made, close the clutch and secure the rivet in the middle.

Now you have a stylish transparent envelope clutch!

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