Transparent bags

The goal of all designers — to cause surprise and desire from fashionistas to have their products, so the next show is created just for us. And if the previously transparent bags were used only in sports, but now of plastic and cloth produce excellent handbags which instantly gained popularity consumers.

Like handbags and clutches are now produced by many brands: Prada, Chanel, Charlotte Olympia, Valentino, Furla Candy. Despite the worship of the eminent designers, a lot of umelitsy made such accessories for themselves. This, incidentally, is not difficult and is very beneficial in terms of economy and Finance.

Note, however, that transparent bags are absolutely not suitable for prudes. If you are afraid of other people’s views, it is better to purchase a pair of opaque beautiful covers where and put all the little things, and then add them to the bag. It is also important that colors the contents of your bag match your outfit.

More restrained the fairer sex offers bags, clutches and clutch bags-envelopes are made from translucent coloured plastic with a divorce. It partially conceals the contents of the bag, perfectly plays up the whole image.

Among young people especially popular are the bags-suitcases from a material rich fruit Kolerov. This product is particularly beneficial in looking at warm, Sunny weather, perfectly combined capacity, practicality and originality.

Among clutches in the favorites came out rectangular bags, more like boxes made of plastic. This accessory looks beneficial to an evening outfit without distracting attention from the beauty of the hostess.

It should be noted versatility of these bags. Colorful scraps of fabric and a few cosmetic bags assorted colors allow you to create a» new handbag, or not every day, according to a certain set of clothes.

In large cities, such bags produce a special effect, emphasizing the style of a woman, her employment, confidence and self-sufficiency. At least a plastic bag – latest fashion trend, and the traditional leather and textile you always wish to return.

Below in the photo gallery you will see what are the transparent bags:

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