To wear short dresses 2012 – it means to be stylish and spectacular

Want to look fashionable and be the center of attention, you want to accentuate your graceful figure, your format is stylish and elegant short dresses 2012. Even if the piece is not as good as we would like, short dresses can be worn. Due to the variety of styles they can not only hide flaws, but to emphasize your strengths.

Where you can seem in short dress 2012

Short dress, as a rule, you can wear almost any occasion — to work, to dinner, to a party. In this outfit you can even play sports. However, one should not forget that the dress for each day can be of any color and cut, but should not be studded with rhinestones and «decorated» a deep neckline and slits. This option is more appropriate for the disco. Dresses that do not restrict movement and are made of fabric, absorbent, suitable for Jogging, aerobics and dancing. Also, there are short dresses 2012, made to work in the office. These models are tailored quite simple and made from fabrics in neutral tones. Length not exceeding 10 centimetres from the knee. Of course, a short dress is the best choice for a vacation in the South. It is light and comfortable, it is easier to transfer heat.

Time to dress in short dresses 2012

The season for short dresses – spring and summer, although in winter and autumn it can be worn, for example, in a bar, at a party, and in any place, if you really want. Only when you buy, just think about what time of year you are going to wear a new outfit. Because models of satin, silk, cotton or chiffon is designed exclusively for spring and summer. Unlike winter and fall dresses, which are sewn from knit or knit of wool with synthetic additives.

Short dresses 2012 will be in fashion

For spring and summer 2012 fashion designers have prepared a romantic short dress with stylized ruffle and frilly. They can be either with sleeves or without, fitted waist and flared skirt. Colors assorted bright, solid color and combined with inlays and embroidery. When you choose, keep in mind that the bright and flashy colors are for young girls and women of Mature age is better to go slightly muted calm shades.

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