Tight skirts – who will fit and who is not?

No maiden’s heart could not resist a skirt that tight. But, the fact that such a thing looks good not on each figure. And before making such a purchase, it is necessary to consider in detail his reflection in the mirror.

Ideal tight skirt girls, whose shape resembles an hourglass. That is, the volume of the breast and thighs varies in the same size, and the waist was much thinner. If you fit this description then this skirt will look on you, most likely, great. Especially beneficial to all the benefits of the shape to emphasize the short tight skirt. All sorts of models which you can safely fill your closet.

If the figure is shaped like a pear, i.e., a girl with very narrow shoulders and full hips, you should not emphasize the hips . On the contrary, they should be lightly drape skirts straight or loose cut. The upper and lower body need to visually balanced, giving volume on the top and removing it from the bottom. Clothes, tight the hem, is strictly contraindicated.

One of the most common types of female figures — a rectangle. The girls with this type of figure is usually not much difference between bust, hips and waist. Tight skirts can be worn but keep in mind that it is necessary to emphasize the waist. Skirt with high waist and a wide belt will be just the perfect option.

Should be very cautious about buying a body-hugging skirt and, in order to buy something, which will lie untouched in the wardrobe, it is necessary to weigh all the «pros» and «cons» and to evaluate their physical data.

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