Things that can turn a woman into a woman

Things that can turn a woman into a woman

Hardly any woman wants to be like Baba. By Baba we mean faceless and sad creature of indeterminate age. But in spite of this, some of these women become. While it does not matter how old they are. But, everything in order.

Long coat

Many people think that the coat indicates the status of its happy owner. But just the opposite. Long coat just makes any woman older. We do not encourage you to immediately change the coat for a jacket, because there are better options, such as fur coats, with knee-length or slightly below.

Old-fashioned decoration

Jewelry stores are still littered with all sorts of jewelry made of yellow gold that exist outside of time and not be subject to any trends. But they are lavishly decorated with all sorts of cheap stones. They should not to buy or wear!

Old-fashioned shoes

Many women choose their shoes, guided primarily by convenience. We do not force you to go in high heels. Of course, the shoes should be comfortable, however, nothing prevents it to be stylish. There are many fashionable Shoe options shoes: loafers from Chelsea and oxfords with slip-on and brogue and others are still not all familiar names.

The faceless bag

Shapeless accessory, the only one on all occasions — that’s the best option bags which you’ll turn into an old woman. Also it can decorate all sorts of insipid details such as bows, pockets, colored tape and other playful details that just may be enough fantasy Chinese manufacturers. Another important aspect will be the logo of a famous company that has not to this work of art is irrelevant.


Girl knitted sweaters are often considered the simplest of clothes too boring. Plain things simply silhouette they do not even consider. Whether it is a sweater with a jaunty pattern and if it will be more with rhinestones or a bow… it’s only soap.

Unfashionable hairstyle

There are lots of them. This short haircut with an easy chemistry, and the circular comb Bang or worse yet, an eggplant color or weave feathers. The most successful options.

Eyebrow thread

Even if you don’t like too wide and thick eyebrows, this is no reason to radically change the situation. First, it is important a sense of proportion. Today, eyebrows thread, «elevated» will only be able to add at least ten years.


Pathetic or suffering terribly gloomy face, suggests that the woman is immediately ready to push all or beat your huge bag is one of the hallmarks of women. A bit of self-irony and lightness never hurt anybody. And it may so happen that even your favorite coat you nothing will spoil.

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