The Style Of Martha Hunt

Martha hunt is quite well-known American model is the angel of the brand Victoria’s Secret. Twenty-five year old charming girl originally from North Carolina. Due to daily work, diet, and workouts at the girl the figure of a top model. Blue-eyed blonde with a version of the site considered one of the sexiest and highest paid model.

Martha hunt long ago appeared in advertising campaigns of famous brands like: Hugo Boss, Miu Miu, Pennyblack. And with each passing day its popularity and demand among designers is increasing. For some time now the model works with well-known lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret. The unusual name of the model plays on the girl’s hand in this difficult business. March loves his work, because thanks to the constant travelling, you can learn many different cultures and walks of life. Have Marta and their style icons Jane Birkin and Kate moss. These successful stars she considers worthy of imitation.

American top model leads a healthy lifestyle. She prefers clean food, which she loves to cook.

As the girl admits, she often visits cooking blogs, online constantly hunting for new recipes and trying to cook in your own kitchen.

Mar regular gym (three days a week), yoga or Pilates classes (two days). She loves to work with a trainer, since it receives maximum results from training. The model also likes outdoor sports. «I’m always for sport, whether running, walking or tennis. When I have time for sports, I feel luxurious and happy because I can do that».

As an active girl Martha hunt choose comfortable clothes for walking and meeting friends. The model looks easy, relaxed and stylish in any outfit, like a denim shirt over t-shirts and short shorts and mini dress. Thanks to my profession, the girl constantly looking for new opportunities how to look natural and perfectly at minimum cost.

As she says Mar, her style always depends on my mood. So she appears in different ways in different places. She wears a classic black dress with strapless neckline, it was a short dress with a fluffy mini skirt, showing their playful mood. Mainly Mar prefer to the sexy images with bright makeup and a dress with a strapless neckline that accentuates its advantages. Thanks to this outfit photographers always be advantageous to commit. Hunt can dress up for a romantic look with minimal makeup and elegantly stowed wavy hair.

In everyday life Martha hunt enjoys the simple off-duty ensembles. The model chooses a quiet and unassuming images, among which the quilted black leather Moto jacket, black sweater, blue shirt and dark skinny jeans. The girl loves to complete your biker style flat boots, but for elegant images she chooses ankle boots Saint Laurent.

For example, for walks with friends Martha hunt selects a light summer outfits that give it an even more youth. But after a warm summer, the model can choose the outfit of cropped trousers, textured knitted sweater in combination with or the shoes «oxfords». The girl prefers leather jackets, skinny jeans and bright handbags.

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