The style of Leila George (photos)

Interest in a young actress of Australian origin has been simmering for several months. Sensation, a name is Leila George d’onofrio does not come from the society pages. There is still little known actress who became very popular in the role of a girl Hollywood actor and well-known womanizer Sean Penn. Despite the large age difference, Sean 56 and Layla – 24, the pair feels quite comfortable and relaxed. Proof of this are the pictures of their joint vacation in the Islands. The star couple is not shy to show their feelings and not paying attention to the talk about yourself. All of them often see together. Now the whole world wants to know more about the young face of Layla…

Leila George has little experience in movies, but his interest has caused. One of her works – the film «In the arms of death,» in which she starred alongside James Franco and the Torri Spelling. And next year will see another picture with her participation – «Long house». Her partners in the film are Ashton Kutcher, Josh Hartnett and James Franco. The girl accidentally began her acting career, because she is from a family of actors. Her father Vincent d’onofrio is known for the TV series «Law and order».

Leila George the fresh face of Hollywood. The girl has good looks, good figure and, most importantly, youth. Despite the fact that the Internet is not full of her photo, even of those that can be found, it is clear that the girl has its own taste and style.

The young actress likes to wear blouses with interesting styles, mini and Maxi jumpsuits, short dresses and skirts, but cleverly combine them with different jackets, t-shirts, interesting shoes. Her figure allows you to wear tight outfits, which, by the way, she is abusing. Among the favorites color – black, white. These two colors she often combines. In addition, she loves bright colours, such as shades of yellow.

In everyday life, George prefers comfortable shoes and comfortable clothes. Walking may wear leggings, loose sweater, sneakers and a baseball cap.

Of the few photos that managed to find, for social events, the actress chooses elegant and graceful outfits. So, it can be a gown of flowing smoky-silver fabric with embellished bodice thin spaghetti straps combined with a clutch bag silver. Or ensemble top and trousers straight cut black. If in real life the girl prefers to wear comfortable even athletic shoes, for all kinds of appearances and appearing on television, she chooses the classic stilettos in shoes with wedge heels, or platform.

Leila is a beautiful long blonde hair, which often she likes to wear loose. If, however, and assembles them into a stylish bun, or lifts a few strands at the temples.

As already mentioned, the actress has quite pretty appearance and natural beauty, so she loves bright make up and prefers natural, which really suits her. The young star doesn’t love bright eyeliner, painted lashes and use glitter natural color. So, it practically does not change his appearance, but only emphasizes its advantages.

Wherever Lella George, she is always very elegant and open. The girl smiles often and loves the positive. Her images are both concise and uninhibited. In each of them she is very gentle and feminine, and her natural beauty and slim figure is only the final chord. It is not surprising that such a lady’s man like Sean Penn, fell in love with her…

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