The style of Iggy Azalea (photos)

Celebrity Iggy Azalea is known worldwide not only because of musical talent, but also individual and unique style. She is originally from Australia, she grew up in a poor family, and talent for art inherited from his father the artist, which influenced her perception of the world.

Despite his calm nature, Iggy has made great strides in the field of execution of aggressive rap. In addition, she likes hip-hop, which he feels a certain characteristic protest rap. The singer known to the world as the first white rapper.

The beginning of the creative ways young Australian was pretty difficult. The girl is often blamed, tried to pull in various scandals, and the conclusion of contracts «was hanging by a thread». In spite of all odds all odds rapper young continued to persevere in achieving their goals. For her, one of the main examples of it many successful artists. Iggy believed that the time will come when her clips love the audience. Three years ago, Iggy Azalea released her debut album «The New Classic», then its popularity greatly increased, and the interest became more active.

Of particular interest is the style of the young star, who had a rather peculiar. Girl love to experiment, although not always successfully, but it does not upset – no one is immune from mistakes. But the fact that Iggy is a bright confirmed by its frequent appearance on the pages of fashion magazines, where we discuss her hairstyles and outfits. About it publish articles in Interview and Vogue. Singer RAPP and hip-hop draws its provocative images. For example, she called the song » Pu$$y, and its appearance, according to stylists, reminds the employee of an escort Agency.

Interesting, but the formation of style, Iggy has the attitude of her mother – a fan of the famous band ABBA. She approved of all experiments a daughter who since childhood feels confident in any outfit. In an interview, Iggy Azalea admitted: «For me it is natural to look relaxed: women have not many ways to show off and show off, and this is one of them. While I’m not brutal as my colleagues, but rather a girl.»

Hair and makeup

The girl has a very beautiful long thigh-blond hair, of which prefers to do the tail. Sometimes Iggy and their curls combed back to one side. As for makeup, here Azalea conservative – thick, extended eyelashes and lips red. Also, the singer loves to wear long artificial nails.


Today is especially popular bomber street style, when influenced by hip-hop. The bombers are almost all rappers. Azalea likes jackets with an active pattern, for example, with glittery appliques Tom Ford. In addition, she wears bright jackets or jackets of white or black.

Crop top

In the wardrobe Iggy a lot of cropped tops. She also wears sweaters and hoodies up to the waist, but often it can be seen in bustier. In addition, the rapper wears an ordinary silk blouse that combines with a classic sweat pants gray.

Causes skirt

The star prefers to wear tight skirt lengths mini and MIDI, often with a noticeable pattern. For example, flowers or cacti Givenchy Jeremy Scott. Also Iggy loves ultra-short shorts and pants with patterns.

Shoes, chunky heel or platform

Favorite and practically the only shoes girl shoes high heel about 20 cm In the wardrobe of the stars many footwear designers such as Giuseppe Zanotti and Christian Louboutin. Sometimes Iggy can be found in the shoes on a massive platform or base models of sneakers, Converse or Vans.

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