The Style Of Helena Bonham Carter

Helena Bonham Carter’s eccentric world-famous Hollywood star. In ordinary life, Carter like her character from the «Harry Potter» the witch Bellatrix Lestrange. So the style of the actress deserves to be attributed to fantasy, grunge. Despite the fact that the stars don’t always manage to look the part, her images are always unusual and interesting.

First, the style of Helena was always a bit magic and eventually formed completely.

The actress hails from a distinguished family. Great-grandfather of the English star was Prime Minister of great Britain (Lord Asquith), and her grandmother, Baroness Bonham Carter. Your look Helena had inherited from his noble ancestors, chiseled features and Royal manners. Carter went to private school Westminster for girls closed.

In the age of eleven, the actress won the recitation contest «vine». For a reward the girl created a portfolio for actors. This was the beginning of her career. The first role of a young Carter played in a couple of years in the audioplay «Romeo and Juliet». The present popularity to the young actress came in the mid 80s after the movie «Lady Jane», where she played a major role. View Helena as never was young and tender – clean skin, long hair, style of dressing in school style combined with a little grunge. In 20 years, the actress managed to play in two more films – «a Room with a view» and «On the verge of death», which was ticulously her as the «Queen of corsets» and «English rose».

Style Hanami Bonham Carter, which can be called fantasy-Baroque-Pankov, became apparent in the late ‘ 80s, after working in the film «Everything right» in which the actress played lady Minerva Munday. And yet finally celebrity style ecercise almost ten years.

The completeness and maturity of its images can be seen after the filming of «planet of the apes» in 2001, where she met with the same eccentric, as she by Director Tim Burton, who later became her husband.

All know a couple of Barton as one of the most harmonious and unusual couples. Clearly, Helena has met his own soul, not only internally, but also externally. Tim and Helena are the parents of two beautiful children – thirteen and nine-year-old Raymond Nellie.

Most celebrities choose for the red carpet new and unique outfits, Helena Carter. In clothes actress conservative. In her wardrobe so many outfits, but loved that she boldly wears a long time and a lot of times. For example, for several years, the actress may appear in the same outfit for five social events.

The principle of conservatism applies in clothing and in everyday life. So, street photographers over four years saw a total of six types of outerwear – Park, three pea coat, summer coat and elegant womens coat with ruffles.

A big part of the wardrobe of the actress make things Baroque, Gothic and grunge styles. It is this mixture is the unique style of the famous English actress Helena Bonham Carter. A celebrity prefers ruffles, corsets, unique hats, lush MIDI-skirts and tartan. It is not surprising that the star’s preference for clothing from designer Vivienne Westwood.

Accessories and shoes of the actress – a separate conversation. Here the slogan curiosities. The more unusual and strange they are, the better. For example, unusual clutch bag in the shape of lips could be seen her on the red carpet almost a decade, but a small handbag – Princess castle – complement her imagery in over three years.

Conservatism and constancy Helena Bonham Carter can be traced back in hairstyles. The hair on her head always habitually stowed in a form that resembles a crow’s nest, two options – drop-down a mass of tangled voluminous curls or cleaned up. Actress of all times changed hair color to blonde, and wore a short cut for the filming of «Fight club» in 1999. The role of an unusual heroine brought her much popularity, making a role model for teen rebels).

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