The style of Ellie Goulding (photo)

Ellie Goulding or Elena Jane Goulding is a young and original British singer and songwriter. In the 9 years the future singer began to play the clarinet, guitar and writing his own music, and now she knows how to play the piano and the drum.

The popularity came to Ellie after she took first place in the BBC Sound of 2010 and won the award «critics Choice» at the BRIT Awards 2010. After signing to Polydor Records in 2009 she released her first EP «An Introduction to Ellie Goulding». It was followed by the debut album «Lights». Today on account of its three albums.

Despite his youth, the talented star has graced the cover of Marie Claire UK and starred in the fashion photo shoot from photographer David Romer. Among the most significant victories of the girl – the nomination and the prize BRIT Awards in 2010 in addition, the singer was honoured by the Royal family to sing at the solemn nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The talented Ellie Goulding acclaim, singing songs of his own composition. Despite his youth and the popularity of this fragile girl is devoid of any starry pomp and the title of «style icons». And yet her personality is evident in everything, including clothing.

Often the singer can be seen in a variety of blouses that are your favorite elements of her wardrobe. This is usually a light delicate blouses pastel shades.

The star’s style in clothing is a combination of tender and rough, airy and «militant». Ellie prefers heavy boots, studded sweaters and shirts with metal collar. However, a celebrity is not against feminine outfits and sophisticated style. Yes, she can wear an elegant gown and high heels. For example, a light dress of white color in combination with jewelry. According to the girl, it’s her two favorite «element» in the creation of fashionable looks.

Romantic ballad singer with elements of obsessive perfectionism inspired her not only to new creative heights, but also the perfection of style. The girl looks beautiful in a dress of printed cotton, despite the fact that Englishwomen such a choice is considered bad manners. And on the Royal Variety Show, Ellie has appeared in a magnificent air and dress, for tailoring which took up to 18 meters of fabric. In this way the girl is very charming and reserved, and her wonderful soulful voice adds to his charm.

Ellie Goulding also likes loose sweaters, bombers, leather pants, tough boots or booties, knitted caps. The peculiarity of her images gives an unusual hair color. In General, the style of Ellie Goulding is quite individual and variable, which makes the girl unique. Her favorite brands Versace & H&M and sports Nike.

Sports and Nike

Ellie Goulding advocate a healthy lifestyle, so she attaches great importance to training. The singer is convinced that it has to look good, because he constantly performs in public. Among all sports ally loves Jogging, which became engaged at 18. Now she runs almost every day. It is not surprising that Golding took part in five marathons. In addition to Jogging, star in Boxing, yoga and other exercises of high and low intensity.

Recently the singer has become the new face of Nike under the name «Melody movement». The company introduced the bright trendy sport clothes that can be worn not only in the gym but in everyday life, combining clothes with different style. This is not the first collaboration with Ellie Nike.

The girl adds advertising campaign of great importance, as is very proud to motivate others to do sports. She once admitted that playing sports is much better and more efficient exhausting diets.

Additionally, Goulding participated in the development of new training programs for the Nike + Training Club.

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