The style of clothes and hairstyles, borrowed from the Greeks

In Europe, beginning in 1796, is very widely spread colds. This was facilitated by the new Greek fashion in clothes, which for our climate is not suitable is the Greek style. In the warm summer time, men began to wear sandals and tunics, but had returned to their old clothes, began when the first cold autumn. Feel free women get rid of lower garments, heavy frames and all of the substrates.

Since that time, they started to wear light tights, over which was worn a beautiful, airy, draped semi-sheer tunic. Such tunics had two side incision under the breast and belt. Some women even wore a tunic directly on the naked body, despite the fact that the tunic is fully transparent. As you can tell, for a long time in such clothes can not go, so with the first cold weather, the Europeans returned to their usual clothing.

In our time in modern models of dresses, you can often find the Greek style. He expressed loose fit, a selection of chest with different belts and jewelry, the use of pleating or draping.

For different types of celebrations are widely used long Greek dresses. Having the ability visual make you taller, they give a harmony to its owner, so long will be popular.

Summer collections of designers consist of a large variety of dresses such direction is made of chiffon and other very light materials. An example would be the current collection of cocktail and evening dresses from the Greek brand Veloudakis (pictured).

In addition to Greek clothes are fashionable hairstyles in the form of various combinations of curls, classic site, the combination of braids and hair collected in a bun. Each event may be picked up by the Greek haircut. For example, hair collected in a bun, well suited for the office. That way you will add yourself to the rigor and complement your business style. A variety of curls and braids add a romantic vacation, or for a date.

For a celebration fit to a complex combination of hairstyles, for example braids, woven decoration. The ancient Greeks long ago discovered the rules and principles of beauty, but to this day we use their legacy, embodying ideas, modernized under the conditions of modernity.

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