The Style Of Chloe Sevigny

American actress Chloe sevigny showing their individuality through appearance, for her taste, some people consider her a style icon. Their star style Chloe prefers the Empire waist, mini and Maxi dresses, shorts and jackets, trousers men’s cut.

The girl almost doesn’t wear jewelry and costume jewelry, likes to dilute their images of the designer bags and belts. Great attention pays Chloe shoes, this can be seen in all her images.

Chloe Covenyi connects different styles, this hippie – chic and vintage. She manages to perfectly combine these mixed styles, and they are most often found in her street images.

The celebrations Chloe has no equal in ultramini, where all attention is on the legs. Loose dress, silk and lace, and, of course, focus on the famous white socks.

Below in the photo gallery you will see the style of Chloe sevigny :

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