The style horoscope

Suddenly I began to wonder, does the sign of the zodiac on the choice of style of clothing. Astrologers believe that the stars influence our character and, consequently, shape taste preferences, including clothing. So, let’s try to understand this in more detail.

The style and the horoscope for each Zodiac sign


Aries you’ll be a creative taste, so they often are the trendsetters. Wardrobe the Rams literally bursts with a large number of things you can find here the latest novelties, in fact, relying on natural intuition, Aries keeps up with fashion trends, and sometimes ahead of them. One piece of advice, not to spend all available money on the closet, the rams should try to combine the existing elements of the wardrobe to get at least trendy and modern ensembles. It is also worth to pay more attention to accessories.


Taurus when choosing clothes, first and foremost, pay attention to quality. The main thing for them that the thing was well made, the seams are perfectly executed and the hardware was flawless. This is the right approach, because the thing high quality will last longer and always relevant. Best place for shopping it seems Italy is both useful and enjoyable.


This fashionistas, they love to closet was varied and large the selection was great. Gemini adore of sales for them this time active shopping and they buy everything, because I think that the new thing has a special, new and very important role in the wardrobe. Stars are advised not to act rashly, and try to consider them what they need to create a different life, and then boldly take action.


Cancerians are very careful, prefer clothes made of natural fabrics. Cancers are always very stylish and fashionable look, after choosing new clothes, they literally invest in her soul and wear over the years. Not the last role play and tendencies, but decisive all the same quality stuff.


Lions are a very bright personality, which is reflected in their extravagant and colorful wardrobe. Epithets characterizing closet Lviv — bright, glamorous, and a lot is preserved in 2017. It is important not to get hung up on brands, because You have to look expensive and not the clothes on You.


Virgo are rational in all things, including the choice of clothes. However, not every thing is appropriate in any situation. You should pay attention to things in the romantic style, and more to make a practical wardrobe, consisting, no doubt, comfortable jeans, t-shirts and cardigans.


Libra always look interesting and attractive. Due to the natural taste, coupled with imagination, they are able to create amazing creative images. Continue in the same spirit, drawing the admiring glances of others.


This sign is important to look sexy. They choose tight clothes close fitting cut, with a deep neckline that emphasizes the dignity and grace of the female figure shoes, certainly high heels. Pay attention to the accessories that will complement and accentuate your image, also very relevant in 2017.


Sagittarians are very active, so the casual style suits them very useful. Fashionable and interesting classic together with fashion accessories will help you create a stunning image. Dress so that others would treat you and admire your creativity and ability to dress.


Capricorn — the adherents of conservatism, so they prefer the classics, which is appropriate and always relevant. For basic wardrobe, you can find any things that look expensive and elegant. Representatives of this sign does not represent that closet without a little black dress that time-tested, because Coco Chanel thought as well.


It is believed that among the Aquarius most delicate people with artistic taste. In your wardrobe they can Express themselves, their individuality. They can’t live without bright cheerful colors combine incongruous, but always dressed very attractive and interesting.


Mysterious Fish prefer romantic style in clothes. Luxurious and expensive fabrics — velvet, silk, heraldry help them to give your the already delicate and exquisite wardrobe more chic. Don’t forget about the accessories, including natural stones, which are so relevant in 2017.

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