The Style Halle Berry

On the screen all the stars are just handsome and beautiful: they have perfect skin, a perfect wardrobe, they will never appear on the street dressed something like this, with dirty heads or even some kind of «highlight». But the same cannot be said about the famous «Cat Woman» and the sexy bond girl.

Grace her on-screen image segued into a way of life, and this applies to everything: style, hairstyle, clothes, the ability to present itself on the secular parties or the red carpet.

In the world she is also an athlete, super beauty-mulatto. Let’s take a closer look at her clothes, because her images evoke only jealousy and admiration. What’s the secret to Halle berry?

The Secrets Of Halle Berry

A list of her regalia long enough. She’s almost 50, she is one of the most popular Hollywood Actresses she is a former fashion model, winner of beauty contests, the winner of the «Emmy», «Golden globe», «Oscar», a star on the Hollywood walk of fame, SAG and NAACP Image Award nominations for a BAFTA, is always high on the list of various categories of «most-most» according to reputable publications. And the life of Holly strewn with roses was not… Their mother and father left, when the future star was still a little girl, also had problems because of the color of the skin, as they moved to relieve himself in the «white quarter». That’s when the beauty decided to do everything to improve their lives.

The Style Halle Berry

Today Halle berry is needed not only in the movies, she has for many years been the face of Revlon иVersace brands, has launched her own line of perfume Halle by Halle Berry and Pure Orchid.

She is very stubborn and so it all fails.

Style Catwoman

Her supporters have long called her the sex symbol of Hollywood. If the screen on its way is a whole team, then at home, she chooses herself. Indoors and outdoors sexy diva looks worse: she is always feminine and on top.

The Style Halle Berry

And her finest outlets, is generally a separate page of her life. She always indulges fans with its bright output, beautiful dresses, perfect makeup and well-matched shoes. Berry prefers long flowing dresses in floor. They also not only presented a star shape in a favorable light, but add a couple extra inches (height actress – 162 cm). To emphasize the status of the event, the actress-the cat chooses the elegant detail and noble shades. They accentuate her perfect figure: black, beige, caramel, Navy blue, Bordeaux.

But the liberties it allows itself, if it is not an informal event: short cocktail dresses of various colors and prints, but lately, she often prefers the little black dress. On the street her style is replete with dresses, but now, instead of a fitted outfit she wears more loose. All the clothes always with an interesting detail: the Assembly, folds, asymmetry, and all sorts of patterns. Of course, in the wardrobe of the stars there is a place for jeans and t-shirts and sweaters oversize format, and shorts and short skirts.

The Style Halle Berry

As you know, Holly can afford to dress as an ordinary woman on the street, but will always give her expensive and fashionable accessories, which are not affordable to the common man. This designer jewelry, handbags or shoes.

Holly was always different, she never do something to rul themselves, paying tribute to fashion. Her style is phenomenal. It is easy to change the image of feminine daring or tough does not give the preference to the momentary fashion. She chose a belonging to a certain «temperament» clothes, she remains faithful to him: never give up and always succeed.

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