The secret harmony Natalie Dormer

Famous actress Natalie Dormer will be remembered for his roles in the movie «the Hunger games: mockingjay» and the already legendary TV series «Game of thrones». And everyone who has seen Natalie can confidently say that it looks amazing. What is the secret of slimness beauty? In the absence of any secrets. Dormer is not «sitting» on a unique diet and no exercise of the complexes soldiers of the secret order of the knights Templar. She just works hard and tries to at least sometimes take the time to exercise.

Thanks to the work, during which she ran for twelve hours on the set with dvenadtsatikolonnom equipment, a considerable effort for her in that sense make no. The only thing Natalie pays special attention yoga:

«A yoga Mat is always in my suitcase. Classes help to recover after flights, hard hours of filming and interviews. I continue to run, even at the end of filming «the hunger games». In my opinion, this is a great way to get acquainted with a new city. I’m always on the go and always busy, and so I play sports and consider points of interest».

The Dormer not a personal trainer, she is herself and training regime and fitness program, and nutrition. Natalie says that a huge number of cases, sometimes no time to even eat. Then she was rescued by green smoothies:

«When you shooting from five in the morning, food is not a priority. But something you should eat. Of course, I drink juices and green smoothies».

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