The right skirt length

Unisex style focuses on convenience, so more and more women resort to comfortable pants and shorts. But don’t forget ladies that dresses and skirts can make men sexual attraction. So, today, we will determine the appropriate length of skirt for each of us.

Skirt — micro (perhaps a more appropriate name «a hint of a skirt»), its length slightly more massive belts and much shorter than the mini. The average length of these skirts is about 20 cm, of course, we must proceed from the individual characteristics of shapes and growth. If you fail to overdo it with micro skirt, openly visible to the buttocks. In such skirts can not sit down, so it is best they are suitable for short-term access to the world, bearing in mind only the vertical position of its owner.

If you do decide to wear this item of clothing, should know that before the micro-skirts, open-toed shoes are recommended. But you can experiment with high boots and sneakers.

The most suitable length of the micro-skirt is computed as: coefficient of 0.18 x Your height.

Mini skirt, as a rule, its length is 15-20 cm above the knee. When creating your image remember that the openness of the bottom should be offset by the closure top, i.e. either neckline, or mini skirt. Mini can be perfectly combined with cardigans, shirts, blouses, vests. Shoes are recommended to wear high-heeled or flats, sanelli.

The most appropriate length mini skirt is computed as: coefficient from 0.22 to 0.33 x Your height.

MIDI skirt, its length slightly covers the knee. A versatile length for women of any age, any shape and any season! However high fashion is strongly recommended under the skirt of such length to wear elegant high heel. Perhaps the only exception to this recommendation are women is particularly high growth. The MIDI skirt can perfectly match with short tops, blouses, turtlenecks.

The most suitable length of MIDI skirts is calculated as follows: coefficient from 0.44 to 0.55 x Your height.

Skirt Maxilength of this skirt allows you to cover the ankle. The most optimal option to hide figure flaws — just don’t come up! For Maxi-skirt is perfect blouses, tops, jackets, pants and even shirts. Maxi allows you to wear any shoes: high, chunky heel, though, flat shoes, though boots. The only exception is sneakers, in combination with the Maxi skirt, it will look ridiculous.

What else would like to speak in favor of a Maxi skirt, is their ability to impart the female mind mystery, mystery, uniqueness and elegance.

The most suitable length Maxi skirt is computed as: coefficient of 0.62 x Your height.

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