The most fashionable jewelry. Fashion accessories for girls

The most fashionable decoration. This season in fashion a variety of jewellery complements, and the main feature of the generated image. The actual decoration is not only the traditional jewelry, chains and bracelets. It is now fashionable to decorate your body with all that is available: it is tattoos, piercings, all sorts of pictures. Forget modesty in the choice of jewelry. They should be bright and noticeable. Use large bracelets, massive bracelets and necklaces. Especially relevant in this season of grandma’s brooches — they rummage in the drawers! And the brooch must be of large dimensions.

Another fashionable addition to your outfit — the bracelets. You can wear several bracelets on both arms, and their number may not be the same. Earrings from the most relevant decent size rings and half rings, which can be well, just a huge, fancy design, using different materials.

The most fashionable jewelry. Fashion accessories for girls

Take this season’s attention and your feet. Anklets will adorn you like at the party and in the pool. They are in perfect harmony with the club «estimates», and beachwear. You can use chains with pendants, jewelry with clear stones, straps, a few times, clasping his ankles, rings for the toes.

If you don’t want to keep up with fashion, you should think about the piercing. Earlier piercing was solved only the most daring fashionista. And now they are nothing new — piercing firmly entrenched in fashion.

Very popular piercing on the nail, and not to mention piercings on the ears and nose wings. Pierce’s face is not necessary, as there are special clips that mimic the piercing for wearing nose and on the eyebrows.

Not become less popular and feminine tattoos. Now they do not have to tattoo «for life». For lovers of the drawings of well-known firms began to produce decals that represent openwork and floral designs. They look like beads, bracelets, necklaces to be placed on wrists, neck, thighs, cleavage, hair and even on the back of the knee.

The most fashionable jewelry. Fashion accessories for girls

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