The main colors of the year

Every year, the iconic company Pantone is a recognized world leader in the handling of color — announced the trending color of the new year. What this year will be the most fashionable?

«Heaven» and «rose quartz» is the verdict of experts Pantone. They believe that these colors are the most popular and trending in 2017. Why such a conclusion? It turns out that everything is quite simple.

After a bright and active last year (presided over, as a reminder, rich and slightly pessimistic «Marsala»), people need to relax a little. To relax from the constant stress and gain strength. What else can help to do it, not as delicate and charming color.

«Serenity» — very light and airy color palette of blue, closer to pale blue. The clothes he is perfect for girls of different character types as it’s quite neutral and with the right accessories can serve as a smart option, as the Thai cozy home.

Rose quartz — natural and delicate color. The name itself speaks about it, the color is taken from the eponymous mineral. Is also quite neutral and balanced.

The only thing that can create an image of a swarm of women in such color part would be extremely easy. However, this year experts Pantone we’ve been ordered to relax, so put on 12 months close corset red dress and go blue castles and sugar candy!

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