The hit of the season: dress-shirt.

In this dress you will feel convenient and comfortable. At the same time, it looks very feminine. Women’s fashion has long looked to the men’s wardrobe, and got from there a lot of things, shirt is no exception. In men’s clothing any girl feels easy, convenient and comfortable.

Hundreds of times we’ve seen in the movies as in the morning the girl puts on a long shirt of her boyfriend. But no one thought that this image can be released outside the bedroom. But now, finally, it happened. Today this dress has become the hit of the season.

Turquoise rigor

Very sexy outfit, looks perfect worn on the naked body, especially if you complement it with stilettos. Perfect to it the thin straps of contrasting colors, elegant womens or handbag in sporty, wide, powerful the bracelets and men’s watches.

Classic plaid

If it’s for you too Frank, dress — casual and classic trousers, leggings, or jeans. And fashionable in this season cage looks elegant and strict. Perfectly complement the image of a black leather belt with a broad iron buckle.

Safari purple

Shirtdress in this embodiment is combined with classic jeans and a hat. This is perfect for Hiking and travel. Lilac tint is a nice touch in brightness and actuality.

A seasonal hit

So, what season did hit this comfortable and stylish long shirt, more like a dress? Of course warm. But for cold weather this item is perfect.

Approaching spring days, and that means it is time for us to update garderobchik and acquire new products in 2017.

This year, the shirt dress is remarkable wide variety of styles and combinations. Also, designers are offering us model of entirely different materials, including fashionable this year denim.

Today’s shirt dress is not only a convenience, it’s style and sex appeal. Because of its simple cut is based on all of the best quality men’s shirts and women’s dresses. In addition to all these advantages this item is suitable to thin persons, and pisechku.

Yes, this is not the first appearance in the Fashion Olympus dress-shirt. The first boom it was in the seventies. But today, this dress is more feminine and refined than it was then. After all, the designer is able minds every year to improve their talent.

From classic to contemporary

What is itself a classic shirt dress? Speaking generally, it is a simple men’s shirt on the female body: the loose cut, slightly drooping shoulders and the maximum length to the knees. Another feature is the buttons or buttons in a row and is inherent in the shirt collar. In General, it looks simple, cute and seductive.

In our time, designers change the classical style almost beyond recognition. From the classics remains the only comfortable fit. And the models themselves become more graceful, elegant and cute.

Now this style you can choose nearly any event. This is especially popular long shirt for women in casual, business and romantic style. In the holiday is used much less often, but still quite possible. After all, diversity of colors and decors of this style are large. So, for example decorating the flounces, ruffles, fringe draperies add festivity, and is no exception in our time. Very gentle look silk and chiffon dress shirt.

The hit of the season: dress-shirt.

The hit of the season: dress-shirt.

This year in fashion mnogovektornosti. So shirts of several materials is quite acceptable. If you are so brave, you can choose, for example, a denim dress shirt with beautiful lace inserts. After all the catwalks this year are famous for a lot of denim and lace.

Also impressive looking t-shirt dress with cutouts. Various shaped notches and cuts this year is also not in last place in popularity. Therefore, combining two hits – cuts and shirt, you will be doubly stylish.

Look at the photo of the dress-shirt below and estimate how much he has changed. Modern versions are much more interesting and original traditional.

The hit of the season: dress-shirt.

The hit of the season: dress-shirt.

The hit of the season: dress-shirt.

Denim shirtdress

And since we already touched on the topic of denim, then I would like to mention a separate topic denim shirtdress. He trendowski this material, it features long wearing, the convenience and versatility of the seasons.

The denim we wear in summer and winter. For example, dark blue dress-shirt with long sleeve can be worn in the colder season. For autumn sleeve can be cuffed. Whereas in spring and summer you can wear a thinner and lighter desimovie dress-shirt. They can be quite without rukawa and have little cuffs that barely covers the shoulders.

Denim shirt-dresses is pretty and romantic, and with some elements of hippie-chic at the same time. Depending on the intended target you can use different accessories.

Additions in the form of a large leather bag and wide leather bracelets will give your rebellious attitude. Ethnic accessories can help to create interesting image.

Also of great importance shoes. Wearing heels or thin wedges (and maybe even shoes), you can look the way you want. Under this garment is suitable for almost all shoes.

The hit of the season: dress-shirt.

The hit of the season: dress-shirt.

Consider today the subject of women’s wardrobe looks great and thin, with a thick belt. And all without a belt you’ll be more than stylish, mostly because desimovie dress shirts already more or less close fitting cut.

Under that dress you can wear real shirt of a different color. For example, the shirt in the box under the dress will give your image a certain zest.

But a classic denim shirt dresses is also not nonsense. The usual collar, slightly drooping shoulders or completely cropped or rolled-up sleeves; buttons in a row and a complete sense of freedom, ease of comfort – the main characteristics of the classic denim shirt dress. Wearing this outfit with the shoes on a thick platform, you will feel stylish and comfortable.

The hit of the season: dress-shirt.

The hit of the season: dress-shirt.

The hit of the season: dress-shirt.

Fashion styles and images of the dresses-shirts

2017 is characterized by asymmetry of cut. The asymmetry affected the dress-shirt. For example, the hem of the dress may be of unequal length, which definitely sets you apart from other members of the fairer sex.

Your awareness of fashion trends will be able to Express and shirt dress in oversize style. Also in Vogue contrast color collars and sleeves and belt. Wearing dress shirts with buttoned up the buttons that creates the effect of mystery, and leaving a couple top buttons unbuttoned. They will add eroticism and freedom image.

The hit of the season: dress-shirt.

The hit of the season: dress-shirt.

This style can be performed in classic colors and show off your modesty and simplicity, and to be bright and saturated that will Express your Sunny mood. Small prints of polka dots, stripes or the cells will give the image features and originality.

We have already said that shirtdress is successfully combined with almost any Shoe. This will create the desired image: from the city everyday to the unusual (e.g., ethnic). But remember that if the dress is short, it is better to take shoes with a smaller heel. So you won’t look tacky and vulgar. The only thing that absolutely cannot be combined with dress is too glamorous shoes and add-ons.

Dress-shirt though looks simple, but it is a field for the imagination, combinations and combinations. Therefore, due to this simple style can get a beautiful and spectacular view. Moreover, it can be worn as a tunic under leggings, thick tights or even jeans). Also acceptable fashionable layered images. So, crafting this garment a vest, a short jacket or large scarf can look individually, fashionable and effectively.

The hit of the season: dress-shirt.

The hit of the season: dress-shirt.

The hit of the season: dress-shirt.

Below in the photo gallery you will see different t-shirt dress :

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