The dresses of stars at the MTV Movie Awards

Mid-April was marked by solemn events on the occasion of the awards ceremony MTV Movie Awards. The festival was held in Los Angeles and gathered on the red carpet numerous the splendor of the representatives of show business.

Beauty multiplied by the outfits of the most fashionable and popular designers of new collections, once again struck by all the participants unusual and bold ideas embodied in the clothing parade of stars.

Jessica Alba looked great in Topeka white created Piece Danarchve. And the skirt color lemon from Kenzo and cute shoes from Choo are perfectly completed the whole look.

No less charming Rihanna shone in a dress by Uiyana Serqeenko and open design shoes.

As always fascinated Rita Opa, dressed in a dress with a very revealing V-neck.

Nicki Minaj looked lovely in a dress of classic style that can be properly emphasized all of its delicious forms.

A spokeswoman for the London stage Ellie Goulding is incredibly cute and sweetly stepped in a long dress by Armani …

Photo: REX

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