The company Demix – brand, tested by distance

The company Demix – brand, tested by distance

In the modern world the demand for quality, comfortable and beautiful athletic shoes is quite high. The company Demix is one of the most popular on the market and offers its customers a versatile line of fashionable sport shoes and clothing.

The birth of a brand Demix, its development and progress

The company Demix appeared on the sporting goods market in 1994 as the first own brand stores network Sportmaster. With the development of the range of products offered by this brand has expanded to generic collections of cheap sports shoes, apparel and accessories for the whole family, sports equipment. The relatively low cost of goods Demix due to the organization of production and the development of product design in China. This allows to reduce it up to 50% compared to other brands.

In addition, the firm Demix has several unique advantages that distinguish it from a large list of sports companies:

• Low price;

• Decent quality;

• Versatile size range men’s, women’s and children’s footwear;

• Original design;

• Versatility.

Footwear and clothing firm Demix goes the way of continuous development and renewal, improving product quality, assortment and design. It should be noted that the company’s products based on the Slavic of the buyer since the production uses Russian patterns.

The company Demix in the modern world of sport

Today, the brand Demix takes pride of place in the market. It offers to its customers a variety of unique lines of sports footwear and apparel. Among the products you can find products of classic sportswear and casual style, products that address the special physical activity, such as special shoes for fitness classes, Jogging, workouts at the gym, as well as professional team sports. In stock, made with a different sports logo. A particularly promising line of children’s athletic shoes.

The company is continually evolving, with new the original model focused on the latest fashion trends, which stand out for their design and quality. A brand of Demix have to taste the active and purposeful people, not thinking my life without movement and sport.

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