The company Dandino – brand children shoes from the Minimen

The company Dandino – brand children shoes from the Minimen

The company Dandino is the equivalent of the Turkish brand Minimen. It is designed for the production of children’s shoes together with a Russian manufacturer. Turkey made design and leather billets. They are sent to Russia for sewing products. Collaboration brings results: products produced high-quality, comfortable and safe.

Features models from the brand Dandino

Kids give birth with a healthy heels. The adult part of humanity is suffering from various diseases of the lower extremities. This is due to the wearing in childhood uncomfortable shoes, interfere with the proper growth and formation of the foot.

Dandino firm manufactures orthopedic shoes with more size range. Her features carry out medical and preventive functions.

1. Springy arch supports «Soft effect» prevents the development of flatfoot and clubfoot.

2. The presence of a «Thomas heel» promotes a uniform distribution of load on the foot when walking.

3. Rigid heel counter locks the heel of a child for its proper formation.

4. Used leather calf good dressing. Creates an air exchange that is important for the legs of children who are prone to sweating. Serve for ventilation leather insole with holes.

5. Comfortable shock – merit lightweight one-piece sole of corrugated rubber.

6. Velcro ensures a precise fit for a child’s foot.

The production model is consistent with the recommendations of specialists atrapado. The demand is continuously growing. Caring parents are happy to get reliable shoes for kids.

The company’s range Dandino

Orthopedic quality shoes from the brand Dandino wrapped in a beautiful and fashionable shape models. Winter boots and half boots leather and natural fur with a special lacquer coating of snow. Stylish shoes for autumn with original lacing and fries – insulating material that absorbs moisture.

Appear in spring shoes soft loafers matte leather or lacquered, presented in all range of colors. Summer is rich in sandals, all kinds of design with nubuck leather, hard back cover and secure with fasteners. Enthusiasm and good mood of parents and children are companions to wonderful new things.

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