The company Bordello – brand of sexiness and Shine

The company Bordello – brand of sexiness and Shine

The company Bordello makes dramatic adjustments in the presentation of fashion professionals about the shoes. Her style is avant-garde and extravagance. Models were pieces of art, which incorporates Gothic, punk, retro, fetish, definitely makes them stand out from the crowd.

Brand: from Bordello Shoe company Pleaser

Sexuality, sensuality, a bit of wildness are at the core of production of American company Pleaser, the main supplier of shocking shoes. The basic principle of the designers: to surprise, to shock, to strike the eye, but to represent grace and elegance.

All the details models are thought out to the minutest details and performed using the latest technology. Thanks to the innovation of the bold and able leaders appeared in 1993, a small company turned into a giant Shoe with six subsidiary lines. One of them is firm Bordello. She had to create footwear specifically for Striptease, burlesque and music shows.

Beautifully decorated material, excellent quality, original design won the hearts of professional dancers. Sophisticated vulgarity and brightness did not prevent this uniform for the legs to descend from the glittering stage on city streets.

The company Bordello wins women’s hearts

Women ladies, want to look sexy, charming and attractive. Their faithful assistant magic shoes from Bordello. Card outrageous brand heels and platform. They are incredible height. All done in bright colors and striking shades.

The effect of increase visibility, sequins, crystals, lace, crystals and bows. There may be tape on the background of unexpected prints in the form of raspberries, butterflies and strawberries. Used velvet, lacquer, faux leather, satin. Fans, from punk Princess to glamour virgins in shoes sex love hanging out at club parties.

American designers of shoes for burlesque and Striptease did not expect that women will risk on the heels of 15 cm to walk on the street or rush to school. But it happened, despite the vulgar notes of models. Meticulous attention to detail, expensive, skillful design and an affordable price make the brand the best Bordello sexy shoes.

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