The choice of swimsuit for the fuller figure

Well, now let’s look at these simple rules that will help you to find the best fitting swimsuit large size and become even more attractive:

The first rule is choosing the appropriate size

In order to choose the right size of swimsuit, it is necessary to try. Now in most stores is allowed. A properly selected swimsuit has a beautifully fitting shape, while not too obtachivaya her. It is unacceptable to buy it a size or two smaller, trying to achieve the effect of harmony. The result will be the opposite. Bumping into every crease of the body, this swimsuit will make the fullness even more. It is quite possible that you will have to buy it one size larger according to your normal size clothing.

The second rule – the choice of fabric

Make sure you pay attention to the quality of the fabric. In order for it to lay gracefully on the figure, it should be quite a large percentage of lycra but the fabric should not be too shiny – it’s always full. For the same reason, you should avoid very light fabrics and horizontal drawings.

Rule three – choose the style

Ladies with curvaceous by far the recommended one-piece swimwear. Their huge advantage is that they contain a special shaping of the insert or support corset elements that give a more precise form of the shape, and hence makes it slimmer. Slim also add a vertical line pattern and stitches. But the straps and belt accentuate the waist, on the contrary, are not desirable.

If you really really want separate model, it should be chosen in such a way that the upper part was hiding all the problem areas.

Cutouts for the legs should be neither too high nor too low. The first will attract unwanted attention to the hips, and the second makes the squat figure.

Special attention should be given to the top. Straps should be a comfortable width to maintain a gorgeous bust. Be sure the cups underwire to give the bust complete the correct form. Neckline is better to choose deep enough to lengthen the neck. Besides, it’s turning its attention to the chest area, and away from full arms and other problem areas. Additional attention to the chest can involve the expense of interesting decorative elements, metal rings, lace, brooches, ornaments of stones or rhinestones. Beautiful Breasts – one of the main trump cards full of ladies, so this kind of attention shy is not worth it.

And now let us dwell on the choice of style suitable to a particular type of shape.

Low girls should avoid strapless swimwear. It is better to choose such models that tie at the back, on the back is a visually elongates the figure and makes the shoulders already.

Slightly protruding tummy hides a graceful drape. And the dark side panels visually make the waist thinner.

If too wide hips it is better to choose swimwear with wide set straps, a top they should be more bright and colorful, and the bottom is dark – it will visually balance the proportions of the figure and turning its attention to her top. The ideal option would be models with short skirts. However, the shoulders should not be too narrow.

Much depends on the degree of completeness of the girls. If it is not very full, you can afford bright colors and not too flashy prints and two-piece bathing suit, the top of which closes the waist. Only in this case it is necessary to ensure that the top supported the Breasts, and the panties were quite high. Especially buxom ladies it is better to opt for darker solid models of brushed fabric. Just a great option – short beach dresses with boning. Very well, if chest will be a bright picture. It will attract attention and will make the volume less noticeable.

A good addition to along the beach will be air extra long tunics, shawls, wide-brimmed hats and jewelry of large format. This will make the look more elegant and give it some zest.

In continuation want to offer you to watch a collection of photos of fashion swimwear:

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