Summer jumpsuits

Convenient or fashionable? – the question that was probably asked at least once in life every girl. And why comfortable things always look so creepy, and what is beautiful — it is simply impossible to wear? ! With the exception, perhaps, only jeans. And rompers. That’s the last again become the trend this summer, and we’ll talk.

First, a little history: once upon a time jumpsuits were the clothing, designed exclusively for workers. And what we see now? Jumpsuit can be worn by anyone, and some of them look so elegant as on the occasion some to wear are not ashamed. How to choose the color, fabric, style? In fashion everything, so you just have to decide what you like more. Short? Long? With straps? No? Try all and choose what you look most effectively.

If the figure you are complaining, then you can wear tight jumpsuits. If you still have work to do, we will focus on those models that have a wide bottom, a La the pants-Afghani or trousers. Want to emphasize the waist? The belt will help you! Or maybe you like the cuffs on the edge of the pants? No question – choose pants bananas and go!

Jumpsuits usually are made from materials such as silk, satin, denim, knitwear. For evening walks, of course, more suitable for satin jumpsuits. Especially if they are made in bright colors. And for lovers of active leisure cotton and denim jumpsuits – just perfect

As for colors, the fashion of today grey, turquoise, coral, purple, blue, orange, hot pink – so any color ranging from white to black. However, the overalls should preferably be monochromatic. And with any print color – berry or floral ornaments, floral patterns or intricate pattern.

What to wear, decided. But what to wear with overalls? So, select accessories and shoes. Ballet flats and sandals for those who are not ashamed of his growth. Jumpsuit visually lengthens the figure and therefore with the heels looks much more effective. Well, if it’s not a sports Onesie, of course. To such suit moccasins or some of the original sneakers. A complete image can be a stylish handbag or appropriate in style or color accessories.

Summer jumpsuits

Summer jumpsuits

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