Summer dresses 2017

Summer 2017 will be hot not only due to the weather, but also thanks to trendy dresses from the new collections of leading fashion designers.

The main thing the focus trendsetters, it’s femininity. They directed their attention to the women proficient in fashion and appreciate the impeccable style. For this reason, they do not give any practical recommendations, and do not make hard restrictions. You have to be guided only by the knowledge of fashion trends and its delicate taste, to look gorgeous this summer.

The main trends


This is one of the major trends this season paid tribute to the most famous designers. Without going particularly into the history of fashion, took the best of the 50’s-60 –ies, in the style which was not even the concept of «unisex».

The femininity of the silhouette of such models gives emphasis to the waist, the fluffy skirt to the knee, fitted bodice and an accentuated cleavage.

No less impressive look retro model fashion dresses with a print. In this interpretation of the classic models look very bold, even a bit defiantly.

Another successful style from the past, this sheath dress that has an impeccable silhouette. In the season of 2017, the designers made them a trend. They are represented in models everyday wear and festive variants.

A major hit in the summer dresses 2017 will be floral print. Flowers can be both realistic and fantastic.

Dresses with graphic motifs will be very relevant in rich, rich colors.

Also relevant are abstract patterns that perfectly reflect the style of the era, and a cage of medium size.

As much as possible create the style of the era and fabrics, which designers have returned to popularity – tender Batiste, muslin and Voile, and satin silk fabric with a printed pattern.


Another fashion trend of the season 2017 is the style of «minimalism». The hallmark of this style are dresses free graphic silhouettes of the «Maxi» or «MIDI» without decor. These models look elegant and stylish thanks to the original detail and impeccable lines cut. They perfectly demonstrate femininity and is perfect for the holidays, and also create a unique urban style.

Minimalism this season is not only well-designed easy, but natural, well shaped, fabric: cotton, linen and thick silk.

Fashionable colors and prints

The range of models of summer dresses will make you seriously think about choosing the best style and color. Professionals suggest this choice to be guided by the peculiarities of their appearance.

Blondes will suit a trendy soft pastel colors and floral prints.

For owners of dark and red hair suit, and abstract geometric prints bright and saturated colors.

This summer will be relevant any prints that you will choose according to their own tastes and preferences.

Fashion designers offer a fairly simple styles of dresses that kompensiruet intricate prints. Classic strips, peas and flowers in the models summer dresses of 2017, the designers decided an entirely new way. However, the same current will be large prints and unexpected combinations of colors.

In this season designers offer to move away from the traditional combinations of colors, and boldly to create the most unexpected duets: purple with orange, green with pink and the most fashionable this summer – fuchsia with turquoise.

Oriental patterns long fascinate fashion designers. This season, their attention was drawn to the middle East. This style of exotic ethnic models. Small floral designs with geometric patterns, full of bright colors and simple loose model — these trends this summer.

Basic styles

The most relevant feature in the season 2017 – this is the one that will show your femininity perfectly accentuate your figure. Fashion designer use many time-tested styles.

Special attention during the hot summer season, designers paid free simple cut, which will give you ease and weightlessness.

The simplicity of such models compensate for lightweight natural fabrics such as silk or cotton.

Loose styles are best suited for all kinds of large prints. This season, bold, flashy patterns that will look great on vacation.

For those who are forced to spend the summer in office, suitable models of dresses and sheath «Safari», which perfectly accentuate the figure, looking both feminine and formal.

As before this season’s bold colors. Quite simple, without excessive decoration model effectively I will be exactly this color scheme.

However, the main hit of this summer will be the model A-shaped silhouette, which became the basis for a large number of experiments with fabrics, colors and trim.

Also current all kinds of bright prints. The bolder and brighter the pattern, the more interesting it will look like the model.

Special attention designers paid to the treatment of the neckline and arm openings. Be the most stylish halter neckline and deep V-neckline. Also will look spectacular gates throat in combination with the open back. Such models are suitable for girls with different figures. And the right to pick up a model, it is necessary to determine the length.

Current models

This season designers emphasize on the elaborate expressive manner. That is why in their collections, many models of saturated colors, bright prints and unusual silhouettes.

Beautiful and trendy summer dresses will help make your stay brighter and more beautiful.

What kind of dress you choose depends on your preference and taste. However, some demonstration of the figure in summer dress is most welcome.

At the same time, we need to focus on any one detail. What would it be, you choose. For example, if you chose a model with open back and shoulders neckline and expressive, it should not be short.

Short summer dresses

Summer is the best time to wear a «mini». Therefore, designers are offering this season a very large variety of short dresses in different styles, with the exception of business models.

This casual piece that will look particularly impressive in the summer, combined with the short length and exclusive prints.

It should correctly choose the texture. Elegance to your summer dress will lend a hint of silk, which emphasizes your figure and make you look more elegant and stylish.

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