Stylish woman

Every day most of us leave the house with any business, you have to go to work, to the store, and maybe a simple walk. We know that we will watch people, and therefore want to look not just beautiful and stunning! Usually going to the store for new clothes, woman takes a friend with her, based on that, and honestly advise how to choose clothes, and what style is more suitable.

However, the friend may be ashamed to tell the truth not to upset you, because many women figure is not perfect. Vendors and consultants do not expect to find, because they are interested in to sell their goods. Maybe they honestly praise any thing, but is it right for you? So the advice of the shop staff don’t listen, even if they begin to praise your chosen thing. Only you can clearly define whether you something or not. Only you can tell yourself clearly that this skirt goes, and so-and-so is absolutely no. Do not buy a blouse just because the blouse itself is beautiful. You should be good!

Choosing clothes in which you are going to go to work, put your emphasis on rigorous style. Bright colors are not suitable, but shades of gray, camel or beige will give the solidity. Beautiful shoes well accentuate the overall style you have chosen. Shoes need to choose based on the kind of your activities if you need to walk a lot, it is better to buy shoes with a low heel and soft leather. If you are a young girl and the burden of everyday concerns is not hanging on you, you can dress in clothes of bright colors. It will only emphasize the youth and add positive. Adults respectable women to wear such clothing is not recommended, as it will look vulgar.

Creative people can easily rely on your taste when choosing clothes. Such people have a sense of proportion and beautiful nature, so that inconsistencies and vulgarity will not. Housewives and those who lead a relaxed lifestyle, perfect Casual — comfortable clothes for everyday use, which are not inferior in beauty and elegance of strict business suit or dress.

An important detail in the choice of style are accessories. Remember that their excess is much worse than just a poorly chosen costume. Do not wear an accessory just because he likes you by himself, he needs to match the style and tone of what you are going to dress, and not to attract attention. The more expensive and original accessory, the more solid your image as a whole.

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