Stylish shoes for rainy weather

This year the summer was rainy, so we can’t wear your favorite sandals. But both want to be fashionable and stylish even when on the streets in huge puddles. And we often wonder – what in this weather Shoe to remain fashionable, and not to get his feet wet.

Classic rubber boots

Rubber boots have long passed from the section of children’s shoes. Currently, such shoes are even world-famous stars such as Sarah Jessica Parker or Kate moss. Of course, rainy weather is still nothing better than rubber footwear was invented. Today rubber boots can be find even in a classic style. They will be combined perfectly with other clothes.

Rubber boots with heels

Rubber boots, which have recently been considered very rude, now available even with heels. One thing to remember is the fact that they are designed for short wear, because they do not pass not only water but also air. These shoes should only be used for travel in rainy weather, and at the first opportunity they have to be shoed.

Rubber boots bright colors

These shoes can raise your mood even in the cloudy weather. If you are not afraid to look a little playful, you can safely choose such shoes. Beautiful to look cult «the hunter», harmoniously and with dresses and with jeans.

Rubber boots

Rubber boots, of course, is bulky and not always suitable for summer. But there is a great alternative to rubber boots. Will look great Chelsea boots that it is best not to close, so they should combine with jeans or tight trousers.

Leather shoes with rubber sole

Also in the slush, you can wear leather shoes, however it is necessary to choose correctly and properly take care of it. In rainy weather you must choose a Shoe with a sole that is made of rubber. But atoji shoes in the slush, it’s easy to slip, so the sole should be raised.

Waterproof shoes

High technology widely used manufacturers of shoes. Most often designers use to create shoes waterproof materials.

Boots for any weather

Timberland and Dr. Martens are iconic shoes that is suitable for absolutely any weather. In combination with jeans they have long been considered a classic. They are incredibly practical and will look great even with skirts and dresses.

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