Styles of blouses

Blouse is a garment with which any woman can make his own image of femininity, exclusivity and tenderness, and will look into it pretty nice.

A large variety of styles could be completely explained by relevance and popularity among the female population of this garment. When sewing blouses used a variety of materials that differ in composition and texture and this allows to assert that blouse refers to a jacket type of clothing.

For sewing summer blouses models used tulle, silk, chiffon, crepe satin, organza and some other fabrics. And for sewing demi-season models used in the cooler months, use a cotton, corduroy, denim, cashmere, Georgette and other fabrics. Each new season styles of blouses modifierade and change, therefore it is impossible to deny the relevance and importance of this kind of women’s shirts.

It is interesting that such clothing appeared only about a hundred years ago, and it is in no way not intended to take such a huge niche in the world of fashion, but only represented the bodice was separated from the dress. And despite the poor decor, simple style and inexpensive materials used to sew these clothes, internationally recognized, Coco Chanel considered it very unusual features. She has contributed to the existing shirt, some changes, added a bit of charm due to the use of collar-bow and thanks to her in the world of fashion is so widely spread by the feminine type of clothing.

Modern styles of women’s shoes include a wide variety of silhouettes, colours and various decorations. This versatile and at the same time a unique view of women’s clothing allows to carry out different experiments and to realize their fantasies in reality. Blouse perfectly combined with other types of clothing, allowing both to change style and image. They are in fact relevant to any age, whether a girl or Mature lady.

The variety of models allows you to combine the blouse with such types of clothes like skirts, pants, jumpsuits, jackets, tunics, etc. the main rule blouse must match the type of your figure. For example, all women who have a trapezoidal shape that will look attractive in the fitted models of blouses with high or low waistline.

And for women with a rectangular shape that is more suitable blouse with deep square or scoop neckline accentuates the sumptuousness of the chest and diverting attention from the problem lines the stomach and waist. For all women-owners of a T-shape specially designed styles with loose-fitting easy fit. The same women, the figure of which resembles a balloon, can calmly to choose a blouse with stand-up collar and narrow sleeves of different lengths, it is necessary for such women to avoid bell sleeves and puff sleeves.

The shapes of some of the girls are very close to ideal. And they also will not be easy to pick out a sexy model this kind of clothing. In your case, your choice should not be limited to any one solid style. You can calmly try on the model, decorated with embroidery, sequins, beads, stones, prints, ruffles, flowers, ribbons, appliques, ruffles and ruching. Thanks to these elements of decor, you only increase the thrill of your sexy and beautiful figure and accentuate elegance and dignity.

For women, regularly employed workers problems or running your own business, modern fashion designers offer quite a large variety of luxury styles, that match the business style. And must be together with the blouse to use this accessory as a tie, which will make you look slimmer and taller.

All models are designed for use in the office, have to be pastel or classic colors. For all the young girls, as well as owners of miniature figures will become the most acceptable styles romantic or sports style and bright colors.

You need to understand that not only styles can affect the perception of the people around you your chosen style and image. You’ll also need enough to choose the right color scheme for your model. Unacceptable will be considered to be red if you are going to go to work, but at the same time to visit ceremonial events he will be very actual as well as white, which you certainly will look completely according to the occasion and dressy enough.

For business shirts it is better to choose soft pastel colors: white, beige, sky blue, etc. For all women the most appropriate will be rich shades of dark colors that will visually give them shapes harmony: black, gray, purple, blue, Burgundy and coffee. In that case, if you are going to visit the Mall, café or club, you will be very useful translucent metallic shade blouse or any other bright colors: white, orange, purple or yellow.

You need to learn these simple rules that will help you to pick a style of jeans and will make it easy for itself to become a stylist and choose your wardrobe so that it always look charming and true in any event.

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