Style tips from Yves Saint Laurent

Style tips from Yves Saint Laurent

One of the most famous fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent has always been slightly misunderstood genius. He changed modern fashion and has made a huge contribution. His vision and his desire to become the fashion trends and become a fashion mania. He left us a great many things, which no one before him and couldn’t imagine any women’s wardrobe. It equals, to imitate him, literally adore him. We offer to your attention the most famous quotes from one meter that will be useful to any woman when creating your own individual style.

«Elegant can be called such a dazzling dress, so that it can be put on again» — Yves Saint-Laurent recommended not to skimp on the dress for a really important event. At the same time it should not be uncomfortable or not comfortable to look only in a comfortable and fabulously beautiful dress.

«Over the years, it became clear to me, in a dress the main thing – is the woman who wears it». The meter was convinced that it is not enough to wear beautiful clothes. It is important to be a personality, individuality. «Clothes should be subordinated to the personality of women, but not Vice versa,» — said the designer.

«Fashion passes, style remains.» Couturier was sure just to follow the fashion trends – it is silly and even funny. Personal style, he said, should be designed to highlight personal strengths and hide some flaws. And just to wear all that is fashionable this season – silly and weird.

The designer regretted that he were not the inventor of jeans, because consider them an absolutely universal garment. «They have at the same time modesty, sex appeal and simplicity – all that is so important in my clothing.» The meter was convinced that jeans that fit in the figure – ideal casual wear.

«Love is the best cosmetics. But cosmetics buy easier.» Or here’s another: «the best clothes for women embrace loving her men. And for those who are deprived of such happiness, there is me and my clothes.» Yves Saint Laurent has attached great importance to the feelings of women. He saw a woman looks in any form is just fantastically beautiful and attractive. However, as a person that prefers rationality, not thought it necessary constantly to fall in love, because love is inevitably accompanied by suffering, quarrels, conflicts and ultimately a broken heart.

The designer was sure to be much simpler and more correct to look after themselves, choosing the right wardrobe, makeup and hair, love yourself a little more than their men and then they are all you have at his feet.

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