Style Tess Holliday

Tess Holliday is the most complete global model plus-size. 29-year-old girl since the childhood has suffered from the ridicule of his classmates, so he dropped school. Despite the bullying of children, Tess loved myself for who I am, and dreamed about modeling.

Long time, no one Agency has not been invited to cooperate, but recently the model has signed a contract with Milk Model Management. Today Tess is actively involved in many photo shoots that take place with great success.

A special place in the work models take photo shoots for underwear advertising and in the style of pin-up. Fans of Tess Holliday admire her authentic style. The girl’s body is decorated with various tattoos, photos with whom she regularly exhibits in social networks.

However, not all public encourage the girl’s life, especially in the modeling business. Many consider it to be not just ugly, but rather unhealthy obesity. This attitude does not affect Tess, she not only easily demonstrates its body, but also encourages everyone to love themselves. Furthermore she gives advice on the selection of makeup and clothes.

Tess Holliday is convinced that obesity is not a barrier to your personal life and your dream job. The charismatic model is so confident that its popularity will grow with each passing day.

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