Style Sookie Waterhouse

22-year-old British model Sookie Waterhouse in their fashion decisions shows enviable stability: business suits, pale pink dress draped over the shoulders of the jacket and pure English calmness and elegance.

Star style Sookie Waterhouse’s different love for different costumes. Sookie knows of a good single-breasted suits and exploiting their best properties. British it-girl prefers a costume as an intelligent replacement for a regular jeans and bomber. And as a sexy alternative to an evening dress for a social event for Sookie to wear a suit without a shirt, than, of course, is the admiring glances of men.

Foppish manner of Sookie carelessly throw outerwear on the shoulder, she picked up the editors of fashion magazines, shows great talent of a model to combine a leather jacket with feminine dresses.

While other models and Actresses wear torn, wrinkled, and dark, tender, romantic marshmallow outfits provide Sookie Waterhouse the first lines in the ranking of the most stylish stars.

Below in the photo gallery you will see the style Sookie Waterhouse :

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