Style Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan – 43-year-old American actress, the popularity of which came after the TV series «Charmed». The character who was played by the actress, for the past 5 years have been with the viewers. During this time, many fell in love with Paige Matthews – the heroine of this TV series.

In that moment the Directors strewn rose offers to play in movies, and photographers photo shoots. The rich portfolio McGowan a lot of pictures, which actress this playful seductress, inaccessible or majestic. «Fashion» has to consider a few of the sexiest images of rose McGowan.

Hazardous and sexy blonde – first method. It could be seen in the role of rose in the movie «the pastor’s Wife» in which her character was created a very sexy image of the blonde (rose had to wear a wig). Aggressive makeup complemented the look. Rose McGowan with red lips and bright eyes safely could become a new American sex symbol. Leather corset with suspenders for stockings added spice.

Second sexy image actress – seductive sorceress. In each series «Charmed» rose McGowan was very tempting. This effect gave a lush, slightly parted lips, almost slept with shoulder straps, smooth or lush red hair. The particular sexy actress gave the black clothing that emphasizes the benefit matte skin rose. Maybe it looks like an attractive witch.

The third way – dancer go-go. This is the character that rose McGowan played in the movie «Grindhouse: planet terror». Dancers go-go was made true: sandals with high heels, short skirt with fringe and a fitted bodice. In the film there are many mantou where rose turns into a fatal beauty.

«Bad» girl – the fourth way in which we saw rose McGowan. This image the actress brought the film «Machete,» but when installing all the shooting with her was cut, but there were pictures. On pictures McGowan looks very hot and sexy. Black wig, glasses, a short vest and very short shorts complete the look.

Fifth, one of the most sexual images, the image of the pin-up girl. In this role the actress is quite different. Short skirt and sailor – an excellent sexy marine costume for a great figure rose. In this themed photoshoot McGowan appeared in all its glory – her delicate ankles and wrists literally seduced everyone.

The image of the actress, but not in the movie, but in life. Social events in which rose McGowan in a sexy emerald dress. So, the ceremony MOCA»s Annual Gala in Los Aptana actress wore a dress rich emerald color of flowing fabric, which emphasized the figure rose. Completed the image of turquoise earrings and a few bracelets.

Another secular way – the girl in the little red dress. In this asymmetrical dress with silver-tone dress rose McGowan appeared at Valentino’s 50th Anniversary in 2012. The flower on the left shoulder not only replaced the accessories, but added sexuality.

Despite numerous plastic surgeries, which had to do with the actress after the accident in 2007, rose McGowan, as before remains very attractive and stylish woman.

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