Style Romy Strayed

Despite his young age, attractive blonde with a beautiful figure , I Strayed is one of the most popular Dutch models and actively promoted the career ladder. Roma is beautiful and has a perfect figure. Not surprisingly, this Dutch beauty chose the world of fashion for myself, and recently joined the ranks of the sexy «angels» Victoria’s Secret.

On the first fashion show of the famous brand with its fresh look and healthy body, he attracted the attention, received full recognition. Even in young years she has worked with famous fashion houses and designers (for example, Alexander MacSween, Nina Ricci, Iv Sen Loran, Loui Vuitton, and Balmain and Celine).

Romy Strayed promotes a healthy lifestyle. Model working on her flawless figure every day. Frequent flights, shows and photo shoots require, but also break away from their favorite workouts. So, in travel, it can find in your gym and fifteen minutes to work rope and fifteen minutes to do strength training and choreography.

Have the cute blonde girl my little hobby box. She sometimes even gives private lessons. According to Strayed after intense sparring with a coach she feels like her body is filled with health and energy. Because of its natural beauty and athletic lifestyle of a young and successful model earned the love of photographers and designers.

In addition to enhanced training, spare time next top model likes to spend with your family. To escape from the busy life of the fashion business, I Strayed travels. The girl likes to find some interesting healthy restaurants, to sit there all night and chat with friends. For such encounters in everyday life dynamic Roma selects the minimum of makeup and a simple comfortable clothes. As she says Strayed, she applies mascara on the lashes and some lipstick on the lips.

Clothes sports girl chooses jeans, because consider them the most comfortable clothing. Romi says that «a good pair of jeans is the perfect Foundation for the day.» The main thing for girls is the convenience, so the city can be seen in the usual fashion wide t-shirt, pants or shorts and sneakers. She also prefers short tight dresses with trendy espadrilles or sneakers.

For business meetings the girl can wear a gray blazer with a t-shirt from Mango, black skinny jeans with suede boots from Topshop, and to emphasize the image of a gold chain with a peace sign from Ginette and a bag from Givenchy.

For the release of Strayed chooses pantsuits and dresses. If she wears the dress, the preference of tight black leather, which emphasizes the ideal form of the girl. At social events she often appears in sexy red dresses, which give the image of sexuality and mystery. Sometimes, I Strayed preference for romantic images in pastel shades with light, flowing fabrics.

Young model trying to be like his idol – the British model and actress Kate moss. The two girls shared a love for years. And in the images you can sometimes see the similarities – leather jackets (leather jackets), tight black jeans and scruffy hair.

Roma as well as Kate loves dark colors in clothing, denim and bodycon dresses. In comparison with known rebel Kate moss young top model is not yet considered to be style icons. However, I Strayed there’s something to emulate and she has all the makings for success.

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