Style Nicole Kidman

Charming Nicole Kidman is rightly called one of the most elegant women of the modern film industry, and no one can argue with this truth. Thanks to its finesse, elegance, femininity and charm her star style has become a true role model for many women.

Style Nicole Kidman is more similar to the stellar style of this Hollywood film star is the old model, when a popular actress with slim waists and delicate features was looking wistfully at the audience screen black-and-white movie. No wonder Nicole Kidman was called to the role model of elegance of grace Kelly in «grace of Monaco». For the faithful the classic style was invited to be the face of the legendary fragrance Chanel № 5.

As Kidman takes the classical style in her wardrobe a lot of long dresses on the figure of the quiet shades and dresses-pencil to the knee. Basically, the actress selected the outfits of certain brands such as l’wren Scott, Prada and Dries Van Noten. Each output Australian beauty Nicole Kidman on the red carpet — an example of how to emphasize their femininity and classic dress-case and graceful boats.

For his career the talented Nicole Kidman starred in countless pictures, who no doubt will go down in world cinema Foundation. And star style Nicole with a funny chubby girl with a shock of red curls turned into a shining icon of style, the image which is copied by millions of women around the world, as fashion critics do not get tired to praise in the pages of glossy magazines.

Below in the photo gallery you will see the style of Nicole Kidman :

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