Style Naomi Watts

Naomi watts is the highest-paid Australian actress. Know her for her role in the movie «king Kong». Naomi frequently invited to social events where she is always in drag, reserved, elegant, natural in his style.

Naomi watts is unlikely to appear to your eyes in something outrageous, or some ridiculous styling, she is not a provocateur, most likely, a Hollywood good girl. Naomi has mastered the ability to evade photographers, lost in the crowd with his unremarkable image: simple styling, natural makeup, black-white-gray thing… the Main rules in the selection of the image to be always natural and in comfort.

Style Naomi Watts

The main note in all the images is an elegant urban style. Naomi watts is very restrained, and the choice of accessories she passes by bright or flashy colors, don’t like the inconvenience, the discomfort. Naomi, 43 years old, but she always looks attractive and fresh.

She is able to focus on each image. To walk with the children, can wear skinny jeans men shoes, elegant jacket. But at a cocktail party she’ll be in a beautiful silk sundress with a print or in a sexy mini-dress from the house of Chanel.

In choosing Trenchtown prefer beige or white colors.

Naomi is aware of everything: what suits her and what impression she made, and to whom.

The most favorite designers of the actress: Stella McCartney, chloé, Roland Mouret.

Below in the photo gallery you will see the style of Naomi watts:

The naturalness and comfort above all!

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