Style Melania Trump

Until recently, the biography and style of Malanie trump of little interest. However, after the US presidential elections the situation changed dramatically. Many people became interested in the identity of the first lady of the white house.

A little biography

Melania was born 26 April 1970 in a country that no longer exists in the socialist Yugoslavia. Her father worked in a factory and her mother in a textile factory. They lived very modestly, in an apartment. After high school, Melania, Knauss joined the faculty of architecture and design, University of Ljubljana. However, she immediately realized that she should pursue a modeling business. She began to travel a lot and to learn foreign languages.

In the U.S. currently, we also brought the business model. Met with Donald trump at a party she organized in honor of fashion Week. While he was still married to Marla Maples, but they had lived separately. He soon divorced his wife and came to live with Melanie.

In January 2005 Donald trump and Melania got married. Their wedding ceremony there were many guests, among whom was President bill Clinton with wife Hillary Clinton.

On the Melanya was a wedding dress from Dior for $100.000, which was embroidered with 1500 crystal. And her ring with an emerald worth half a million dollars.

Biography Melania is similar to the tale of Zoloshki. She’s a lady is not born, but become. And it was not her social status, and the ability to converse, to stay in the community and, of course, look great. Thanks to a modeling career Melania was often published to be a provincial first lady.

In the history of the United States Melania is the only first lady not born in America and so looks amazing.

Style Melania Trump

Since the late nineties, when she first came out with Donald trump in the wardrobe of Medani was mostly black and white stuff. Her clear love for monochrome things. The silhouettes of her dresses were nearly identical and perfectly emphasized her beautiful Breasts. And corsets and belt showed her thin waist.

In two-thousand years in the clothes Melania finally got luscious color: turquoise low-cut tops, the purple and pink combination. Now your favorite dresses it became available not only in black but also in other ways.

Among the bright colors preference Melania gives fuchsia. This color was her top Michael Kors, mermaid, in which she was at the ball in the Metropolitan Museum and several outfits by Gucci.

It should be noted that most of the outfits Melania trump have a minimalistic and monochromatic character. Not having any original decor, dresses Mrs. trump, however, emphasize all the advantages of her figure, while not eclipsing its colorful appearance.

The only accent in your way Melania can put using a coats, which is able to emphasize her confidence, wealth and social status. Coat Melania usually puts directly into your silk dresses, complementing the image of your favourite shoes and classic pumps from Manolo Blahnik.

Timeless, but boring aesthetics of the image of Melania trump has no failures. So when the team trump has become the image of the future first lady of the United States, in addition to reputation, to work here was not over. Stylists are only replaced in her outfit sexy infantile and removed from her wardrobe to only the outfits neckline, replacing them with dresses with bell sleeves, asymmetrical jumpsuits and neoprene coat of pastel colors.

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