Style Margot Robbie

Young Australian beauty Margot Robbie is now quite a famous actress. The press often writes about her numerous novels, talk about it, discuss it. The exterior of the 23-year-old actress is bright and glossy, blue-eyed blond girl with delicate features and an almost perfect shape.

Despite their unique sexuality, the girl skillfully creates a balance between the natural qualities and enhance beauty. Margo prefers natural makeup and quite restrained laconic images of clothing. In addition, the actress has created a «proper» way, is not peculiar beauties-blondes. For example, she refused the offer to play for the well-known spicy magazine «Playboy». And not to be a glam doll, has ventured on an experiment, becoming a brunette. After which, many critics argued that it lost some of its charm.

Love Margo to the reserved images does not prevent her sometimes to look sexy and feminine dress from Gucci at the «Golden Globe» – one of the best outfits. So on the red carpet, the young star always looks brilliant and in Hollywood, successfully choosing your images.

In ordinary life, Margot Robbie may well be mistaken for a normal girl. Beauty easily transforms and does it very effectively.

One day one of the Australian editions of the magazine «ELLE» was dedicated to the rising star. At a photo shoot dedicated to the release, Margot was with the bow, which in the words of the girl herself – a reflection of her nature and true relationship to fashion.

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