Style Kate Upton

Kate Upton – American model with wide popularity and high fees. Despite the fact that in her youth the girl was rather nondescript, with time it has changed dramatically. Although the growth and shape Kate’s not a model, she looks stunning, and her lush Breasts – one of the main advantages that she hides.

In his 22 year career, Upton is experiencing only the rapid UPS and it all began with enormous success in the beauty contest.

Style Kate Upton is simple – to be what it is. She often defile in bathing suits and removed in photo shoots, but in life are not particularly likes to show his forms, though, and has no complexes about it.

In ordinary life, Kate can be seen in comfortable and practical clothing, for example, in black skinny jeans and a green knitted sweater, black Celine bag completes the look. The girl prefers to wear comfortable loose t-shirt or shirt, tight pants or jeans with shoes to go low, and sometimes shoes with heels. However, she selects the basic colors for their images – black, grey, white. Likes to focus on the details – pants, bag, jacket. Most often hair Kate picked up or in a ponytail or a bun.

At social events the young model has never left unattended. Her outfits are chic, elegant and dignified look on beauty, and hair in romantic waves picked up. For social events, she always chooses a classic pointed shoes with heels.

Below in the photo gallery you will see the style of Kate Upton :

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