Style Jourdan Dunn

Jourdan Dunn – a kind young model, who managed to Express themselves and forced to discuss her millions of people. Role model Jordan has always been Naomi Kembel, the progress which it has followed since childhood, however, and could not dream that she will get on the world podium.

Her modelling career she began casually with a fashion shoot, where she began to notice. Especially Jordan will be remembered by all at the fashion show of Prada, where over the past 10 years have not participated skinned model. Today the rising star of the fashion industry is one of the most promising. In the first year of its professional operation model girl photo was published on the cover of famous Vogue magazine.

By temperament Jordan is very calm and pleasant person with a stunning infectious smile. Out of podium girl chooses the same non-style – convenient and practical. Street images Joe emphasize the natural data model. Yes, she loves to create funny Scottish motifs, often complements the images of a great gray jacket with suede.

The rising star of the fashion world never cease to amaze their fans. For example, six years ago, she announced her pregnancy to the last days took an active part in the shows. And in the last month of pregnancy Joe participated in the fashion show of John Galliano. During this time, star style girl was much better.

Style Jourdan Dunn

However, after birth, the girl left the podium, deciding to pursue a fashion business without looking up from his son, who is always with her. Today Jourdan Dunn can often be seen on runways, she became a representative of Burberry, in addition to actively cooperating with YSL.

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