Style Jessica Biel (photo)

Hollywood actress Jessica Biel is a very striking and beautiful woman, wife of the famous Justin Timberlake. Despite his marriage, the actress did not become a housewife, but on the contrary, began to lead a more active and vibrant lifestyle.

Often fashion critics called the style of Jessica Biel is quite uncertain. Maybe it’s in her body. The actress has one of the most athletic Hollywood figures. The girl is constantly training. This – sprint races, walking, yoga, weight training and plyometrics (alternating stretch marks from rapid muscle contractions).

On the red carpet Jessica glitters. It’s possible that the actress is turning to stylists. The girl is one of the few stars that have in one room is dominated by lace. Lacy is very well balance athletic build girl. The outfits of the actress embellished with lace, not only dresses, but plumes.

Jessica Biel loves the color white as pure and creamy shades. She prefers dresses, sweaters and dresses-cases, which emphasizes the neon-bright shoes.

So, one of the most discussed topics in fashion blogs was the release of the actress in Chanel dress, which slightly resembled a pure white silk cocoon. The dress was complemented by some colorful accessories (the oversized bracelet made of transparent plexiglass and white and green sandals with wide straps at the ankles). Still not cease talking about who wears the star. Although the actress once admitted that her style has a direct bearing on people Justin.

Social events Jessica Biel chooses outfits strict silhouettes, rich textures (sequins and crystals), which perfectly underlines the star status.

In addition, the actress perfectly possible it is safe to combine clothing colors bright and it does not look gaudy. Not surprisingly, the girl is perfectly possible to mix colors, because she is also a professional technologist colourist.

In contrast to the bright social evenings, blinded by the spotlight, in everyday life she prefers minimalism and simplicity. For example, she can choose a grudging coat, complemented with leather pants and loafers with studs.

One of my favourite designers – Isabel marant outfits that Beat the chair to get dressed from head to toe. In spite of its crazy popularity and prosperity, the actress is not ashamed to shop at chain stores such as Zara, Topshop or H&M.

Among the favourite colours girls – deep blue-purple that looks great as the primary color of a dress, cardigan, blazer, and accent – bag-shoper. From hats she prefers caps. And sunglasses is her favorite accessory that she always successfully picks for your face shape. To add to your way of extravagance, she chooses the same form of points, but larger form.

Hairstyle Jessica Biel

Despite the fact that the length of the hair of the actress for several years now unchanged, her hairstyles look different. For example, her face and hairstyle can look very different in a reddish-brown color or dark brown, with bangs or with an open forehead.

The shape of the bangs is another thing that undergoes constant changes. Jessica Biel likes natural, casual, styling. Whatever hair do not chose the girl, she always looks gorgeous, because the actress hair – thick and healthy – allow it. Lately hairstyles Jessica Biel is quite conservative – in the style of «Hollywood divas», which fits her status as a star.

Jessica even tried the trendy technique of hair coloring – ombre, where the ends of your hair lighter roots, as if burned by the sun. There was also a period when the actress was blonde.

Makeup Jessica Biel

Makeup Jessica Biel is often natural. Is: not visible to the eye, the natural color of the lips, porcelain skin and a clear blush. So, in everyday life, the actress almost never use mascara, though, and is the face of Revlon.

Due to the natural sources – the voluminous lips, chiseled nose, the tip of the chin and cheekbones even expressive evening make-up actress does not require bright colors.

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