Style Jasmine Tookes

Jasmine tookes top model, who hails from America, who recently became the new «angel» of the world famous lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret. Rising star of the model business feels very comfortable, because for 15 years on the podium. Early familiarity with the world of fashion happened thanks to his mother Jasmine, who is a stylist. In addition to the podium, the girl’s childhood was engaged in sports gymnastics, soccer and volleyball.

For nearly 10 years as the American model works with global brands such as Balmain, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta, Yves Saint Laurent. This list was replenished with a new company under the name of Victoria’s Secret. Jasmine from childhood dreamed of a modeling career: «ever since I was a little girl, I watched a show the Victoria’s Secret walked the runway tyra banks and all the supermodels V. S. It was my dream to be on that podium.» Now for the girls «angels» of Victoria’s Secret become a big happy family.

Recently, the famous brand was posted in social networks for fans of video trainings for the new «angels» – Elsa Hosk and Jasmine tookes. Despite the fact that models work with the brand quite a bit, they are working in full force to justify their trust and to prove the correctness of the choice.

All my free time Jasmine spent in the gym, because to be an «angel» Victoria’s Secret is not easy. Constant exhausting training, shooting, flying and all in order to go to the podium with a huge angelic wings behind the back and to delight the audience.

Tux, as well as her colleagues, leads a healthy lifestyle – prefer healthy and balanced meals.

Delicate facial features, delicate skin gives the image of a young model of tranquility and calmness. The girl still has a mother’s advice to care for themselves and choosing the style. Jasmine before bedtime wiping the skin with ice, and in the morning wash with rose water. The basic rule of the model is to always remove makeup before going to bed. In ordinary life, tuks prefer a minimum of makeup in twenty minutes. My favorite beauty products – mascara from Tom Ford and shadows from Bobbi Brown that have the best color palette.

To enter the social events, the charming dark-skinned model prefer tender images. This is a gentle flowing dresses strapless pastel colors, giving the image of the Princess. Complement these outfits always go flowing hair with a slight wave at the ends and elegant makeup with the arrows on the eyes, which gives the view of sexuality and mystery.

At the party after the fashion show Jasmine tookes cocktail dresses selects, for example, the stunning lace dress with a metallic effect, skinny model’s body like a second skin. For other events she often chooses restrained outfits such as tight pants with a large shirt and shoes from Louboutin Сhristian. Individual passion is tops. She gladly shows off her perfect figure in a sexy and fashionable ensemble of crop top and pencil skirt with bright tropical pattern. Complements the image of the blue sandals on the strap.

In the free model from their duties the time Jasmine tookes sports and traveling. For travel outfits she chooses bright colors in hippie-chic style with sandals. Her choice – a simple and modest style (jeans, t-shirts and sneakers). After a tiring outputs on the podium, corsets and not comfortable wearing high heels, the girl appreciates things and comfort.

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