Style Holly Willoughby

Holly Willoughby – a former model and now a fairly well-known star of British cinema, and, of course, stylish woman. Holly is known to all for his outrageous behavior. always looks feminine and elegant, it is not surprising that the leading recently released his own collection of clothes for women. The collection was a reflection of the style of most Holly.

As for the style of Holly Willoughby, here obviously prevails the classic, bright representative of which is the little black dress, which, as they say, is bound to be in the wardrobe of every lady. This outfit expresses femininity and sophistication of a woman.

Additionally, the presenter preference retro style. It can be seen in the outfits in the style of 50-ies. This dress into an hourglass shape and the lush skirts. In the wardrobe of the stars have outfits for everyday life and for publication (unusual draped cocktail dresses without sleeves and with knee length skirt). Also among the evening dresses of the star there is a Golden shiny dress and long dress in black with white drawings.

In General, the style of Holly Willoughby pretty nifty, a bit Flirty and at the same time touching. The presenter in any way seems a bit cheeky, and very seductive.

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