Style Emily blunt (photos)

The famous Hollywood actress Emily blunt was born in London, she always wanted to be an actress and tried out for theater productions. Charming British played several years in the theater, but won the hearts of a wide range of audiences after roles in the fashion movie «the Devil wears Prada». For the perfectly played the role of glamorous bitch actress was nominated for a Golden globe and universal acclaim.

During filming, the actress was forced to lose a few pounds, placing Emily on a strict diet of raw vegetables. After the film, the actress came to fame and invitations to other roles that always demanded Emily some effort. Though by nature Emily blunt has a gorgeous figure and rather slender, she has even more to lose weight. However, their roles Emily is not afraid to change your look and always looks flawless.

After the actress broke into Hollywood in her own stunning style preserved the intrigue until today. The actress proved that she can combine something original and classic, for example, from a bold metal designs to romantic floral prints, adding the proper touch of elegance. With its elegant and simple images Emily blunt has quickly gained attention among workers in the fashion and film industry.

Movie star is absolutely calm attitude to their appearance, and not surprising, because by nature she has a lovely figure, delicate features and beautiful hair, which, incidentally, does not allow to spoil the sharp color changes. Emily maintains its appearance sports, she can often be seen Jogging in the city or the fitness centre. The actress is always in great shape, despite the fact that twice already, mom, she radiates a certain restraint and life-affirming charisma.

Star style Emily blunt at various events and red carpets is basically the classics. The actress often chooses long dresses that emphasize the figure. She always looks elegant and rather restrained. Emily does not open too much, or shoulder and legs closed, or gently open cutouts at the waist. Therefore, the images of English beauty, feminine and charming.

«To the red carpet, I love tight clothes,» says the actress. «I didn’t look good in fancy girly outfits. I prefer to go out in dresses that have bold cuts and strong colors». Emily is considered one of the most elegant and sophisticated Actresses in Hollywood. Her appearance on the red carpet is always expected and welcome. It shines another gorgeous outfit from a famous designer and shows the image in the best light.

For charity auctions, and other social events Emily prefers understated style in clothes. The actress admits that she likes retro fashion, Emily prefers a high waist wide pants. She loves luxurious fabrics and flowing lines in clothing, so her images are always harmonious. Like all Hollywood Actresses, Emily uses the services of a stylist, she says that her daughter loves coming stylist with a stack of clothes.

As a makeup Emily, as many stars now for social events chooses red matte lip and sleek, retro-arrows on the eyes, proper makeup, but at the same time very sexy. Also out of fashion not out popular smoky eyes that give the look of mystery and deceit. Your gorgeous hair actress usually carries light waves or neat hair combed back. Such images make Emily nice and romantic. His images of Emily supplements minimal jewelry, bracelets, rings, earrings, attach the accent to the body image.

In everyday life, Emily blunt chooses comfortable clothes of sports style and believes that the way a person dresses is a purely private matter. Emily advises to choose a fashion suit their own personal preferences and not to chase the glamorous trends that can depersonalize. Most often in street style Emily may combine unexpected things and so it turns out everyone’s favorite casual style. Casual style actress more common to see comfortable jeans – skinna with shirts or t-shirts, t-shirts with free switchtime. She prefers large roomy handbag or shoulder bag.

For shopping in the company of friends, the actress can choose short dresses or tunics, complemented with sandals or ballet flats. As Emily likes to play sports it can often be seen in sports clothes, t-shirts, leggings and sneakers.

The images of Emily’s convenient and easy, on the streets it does not stand out bright garish outfits. Most importantly, no heels street style! The actress admits that filming often have to walk in shoes with heels, which by the end of the day my feet are burning fire. So the city actress likes to walk in sneakers, ballet flats and sneakers. For exploring the city, the actress uses a minimum of makeup, because it to her for the shots and regular social events. And the hair is generally stacked in a pony tail or just shredded.

Emily blunt is a fine example of femininity and elegance in everyday life and at social events. She is a style icon for many girls and women around the world. Her images are always successful, thanks to their own style and stylist. Emily looks flawless as in elegant red long strapless dress from Prada and a bold dress Dolce & Gabbana covered with embroidered red flowers.

Though the actress prefers a more romantic and low-key images, she loves to stir the audience in an unexpected way on the skin, such as stylish black dress by Georgian designer David Koma. Emily proved that to be sexy, no need to expose her body, enough to have a mysterious seductive image.

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